Bharatpur Palace, Bird Park, and sent to bed with no dinner!

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Sacred cows wander anywhere they please.

March 1st 1990

Palace Bharatpur, the Bird Park and sent to bed with no dinner!

After a long drive we arrived at Palace Bharatpur, another wonderful Maharajah’s home, this Palace is quite dilapidated and is falling in to disrepair fast, but the opulence of its history is obvious everywhere, from the 20ft high studs and the ballroom size rooms, with marble floors, exotic paintings all over the walls with lots of mirror bits set in, to the velvet ottoman sofas scattered around plus the elephant feet that were fashioned into foot stools for the Maharajah.

Sunset at Bhaptar Bird Park, note the Egret in the water.
These caused a lot of macabre jokes; Calling for “Jeeves, to run out and chop another couple of legs of the elephant for the guests” etc. Not that we had long to lounge around when we arrived we were told to just drop everything in our rooms and be back on the bus in half an hour to visit the Bharatpur Bird Park. Now, this is where I really wanted to visit, I had bought a handbook on Indian Birds so I would recognize some of them and could check them off as I saw them.

I hurried out, without my sunhat or glasses, but I didn’t forget my binoculars!

We were introduced to the noted resident Ornithologist who was to show us all around, I quickly made myself known to him as an Ornithological member from New Zealand, and I was wearing my special official, t-shirt, with a NZ Takahe bird, I had got from the society, brought specially to exchange with someone in India.

Bhaptar palce where we stayed.
The rest of the group had only a vague interest in birds so lasted just a short while on the tour of the park, a few like my friends Sharon, Eric, Dave and John stayed with us for longer but in the end it was just me and the headman for 3 and a half hours revelling in our major interest; birds. He took me reverently to closely observe the 5 Siberian Cranes which are some of the rarest birds in the world, they had their own minder who lived among them, very closely and they just accepted the young man in their group, I also saw nearly every bird to be seen easily in the park, my book got checked for many, many birds. I was truly in my element. The rest of the group spent the time at the teahouse and souvenir shop. Amazingly they didn’t seem angry that I had wasted so much of their time, most were very understanding, and I appreciated that, even though I was in a daze, walking ten feet above the ground, by time to return.

 I had offered to exchange my t-shirt with this man if he visited the Palace with a t-shirt of his own.

Peacock, at Bharatpur Bird Park.
He duly arrived and had a coffee with me and gave to me a lovely t-shirt with a hand painted picture of two Serbian Cranes, which I still treasure.

Dinner time and I was still feeling almost dizzy, I selected my meal from the maharajah’s best silver salvors and terrines, all heavily spiced aromatic curries, that made me even dizzier, til I came over all ‘funny’ only just had time to put down my plate of food before I keeled over and landed plop on the floor in a dead faint! The men carried me out and placed me on one of the velvet ottomans. I awoke to find myself surrounded by Doctors, as most of our tour party were in the Medical Profession, at least 12 of them. It was decided to leave in the care of two London physicians, Fiona, an English rose, practising in London and Cynthia, a Hong Kong Chinese lady, also practising in London.  I couldn’t have had better care, they diagnosed mild sunstroke and dehydration plus over excitement! I was sent to bed with no dinner, but lots of cool water and a cool damp flannel to place on my brow, Mary a nurse was sent to check on me periodically, but I soon recovered and stayed in bed for an extra bit of sleep. Gosh, I have never done this before; I am not the swooning type really.

jenn79 says:
Aww! The same thing happened to me in Portugal (except I was close to fainting, but got in a cab back to the hotel just in time!)
Posted on: Feb 25, 2008
reikunboy says:
Wow your lucky it was only heatsroke and not something worst. It must of been quite scarey
Posted on: Feb 18, 2008
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Sacred cows wander anywhere they p…
Sacred cows wander anywhere they …
Sunset at Bhaptar Bird Park, note …
Sunset at Bhaptar Bird Park, note…
Bhaptar palce where we stayed.
Bhaptar palce where we stayed.
Peacock, at Bharatpur Bird Park.
Peacock, at Bharatpur Bird Park.
photo by: Paulovic