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Today we checked out first thing to get an early start, and then ate breakfast across the street at the hotel's restaurant on the bay (breakfast was included in our price!).  We saw tons of ducks swimming and diving - they were adorable!  They would dive down suddenly and then pop up a while later in a totally different spot.  :)

We drove back to the overlooks with the crashing waves before heading back toward Chico.  The waves weren't as big today, but it was still incredibly gorgeous.  Laura and I climbed across a little dip in on of the cliffs to get to an 'island' type area right next to the waves.  There were a lot of sea gulls resting there, and it smelled like bird poo, but it was cool to get so much closer to the edge where the water was crashing.

We tore ourselves away from the gorgeous scene and headed back down Hwy 1 to find 101, which never appeared.  We didn't have our California map (left at home in Orlando, of course) so we had Mapquested the route and only had directions, so once we got off course we had no way of finding the way back to the directions.  We knew where we were the whole time - on Hwy 1 - but it wasn't the way we wanted to go!  It took us backtracking all the way down almost to San Francisco before we could cut across on a bigger road that showed up on our extremely limited AAA book map.  I was QUITE frustrated, because we wasted like 2 hours of the day, and on top of that Laura and I were both feeling a little questionable after going around approximately 5,329,783 turns during the drive. 

We didn't get back till late afternoon.  Needless to say, we were all very ready to see Chico and our apartment.  When we got inside, I thought Shadow was going to break his 'purrer' because he was purring so loud!  Poor thing had been lonely for 3 days!  He was very happy to see us. 

After relaxing for a little while, I left Jesse and Laura there and went shopping for dinner and breakfast stuff.  After dinner, Laura and I took a walk around sunset, down our road to the construction site for a new neighborhood.  The big stone wall was already constructed, so we climbed on it in the dark.  We had fun making shadow puppets, and laughed uproariously at ourselves.

Tomorrow we're going to Upper Park!

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photo by: princessbride029