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brooklyn bridge
Last saturday I was hanging out in Times Square. It was amazing how it was cold outside, but I was so hot!! The buildings were so high that wind couldn't blow and make me feel cold. Sun was shining, it was HOT!! It was awsome to just walk from the Times Square to Penn Station. I went to Starbuck's which was in 35th Street and 7th Avenue.. That was the starbusk's I went most of the time last time I was here.. Hmm, I had my own reason for that. I bought Grande Caramel Macchiatto and then started to walk again.. In the places I knew. It was so nice to see everything again, Macy's, Daffy's, Old Navy, Victorias Secret.. All those places I've been. It was weird, but awesome. But I don't really miss them when I'm back in Finland or in Africa.

Anyways.. I took subway and I went to 110th street. For one moment I thought that I had found a heaven.. The heaven was store that I haven't seen in New York ever before.. :) Unfortunately I don't remember the name of that store. There was all fresh tomatos, carrots, apples, oranges.. And lots of different kind of cheeses. :) I still need to find some store where they sell tea called STASH- chai. :) I miss that one! I wanna find it, buy and drink when I'm cold and need something warm and good.

Today I went to Brooklyn (I think it was Brooklyn, or then it was the other side of Harlem).. Anyways, it was so different comparing to Manhattan or even to the place I live. But yeah, I was looking outside and walking there and I was so amazed what I saw.. Empty houses with broken glasses.. It was so dirty. It so amazing how this city can be so different. In Manhattan downtown there is big buildings, nice stores, nice things to see, but then if you come where I live.. Dirty streets, not that beautiful buildings, small stores full of people that don't speak to you.. Don't smile. People in the streets looks at you because you are different.  Then there is Chinatown, full of chinese or asian people.. :) It's so funny how this city have so many different faces in itself. :) I like it though.

I'm really excited to see so many nationalities and cultures in this city.. So many different things. And because of the nine million poeples that are here, I don't need to be affraid that I would see the same peoples again.. :)

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brooklyn bridge
brooklyn bridge
New York
photo by: herman_munster