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Prayer Station
It's been amazing to be here again. My flight was here last tuesday at 2 p.m. I was really tired after being awake so long, after tarvelling all day and after so many passkontrolls.. I was happy when my SuperShuttle came to pick me up. I thought that yes, only 30 minutes left and then I'm there. But no, that wasn't the way it went. My SuperShuttle drive was 4 hours long!! Can you imagine? Well but anyways, I came here at 7 p.m. I had wonderful dinner after eating nothing in the plain. I went to shower and then to sleep. And I was sleeping like a baby. :)

Next morning I woke up and I went to breakfast. Okay I've been here before, but with finninsh people.. So it was a real surprise to me when we had some pancakes for the breakfast!! Sweet in the morning? Oh give me a break. :) It was so weird, I wasn't expecting that! Well I couldn't even eat that, 'cause I have a deal with my friend that we cannot eat anything sweet for 4 months (expect ice- cream).. Otherwise it will be expensive. Just one bite costs 5 euros.. So it would be stupid to eat pancake. Well anyways.. The food has been a real challenge to me.. White bread all over and peanut butter and yeah.. Weird stuff. :)

I've had a wonderful time doing so ministry here. In the first full day we went to help one church with gifted hands. There was women that had a child or were pregnant and didn't have so good incomings. So we were there, helping them with their skills, letting them know that they are gifted. On that day we were actually doing some painting.. Well, not painting actually. We were using everyhting what you can just imagine, paper, colors, fabric, pearls.. All the nice things. It was amazing what they made. I can try to put some pictures someday. But it was totally awesome to let them see how they are talented. Actually my work there was to help one woman that has other hand withered. It was totally awesome to help her to make something beautiful, let her see the beautiness that wasn't just outside of her, but also inside of her.

Then on thursday we went to Grand Central to have a prayer station.. So if you are New Yorker or tourist in here and you are going from S- shuttle to other subways and you see someone wearing a red vest that says "prayer changes things".. It might be me. :) It would be funny to see you and more nicer it would be if you would allowed me to pray for you. :) That's what I do every tuesday and thursday. But because last thursday was valentine's day, we gave some roses to women! :) It was lots of fun!

On friday I went to work with Relief- bus to other side of Harlem. That side that others have told is worse.. More dangerous. So we were there, giving warm soup, bread and hot chocolate to people that were walking by.. Most of them homeless. It was totally awesome to do that!! See people as they are and help them in such a wonderful way that giving food is! It was awesome! So that was what I liked the most and I will go there every friday. These are some of the things I'm doing while I'm here. I'm so excited!!!!!!

I also had a chance to go to Tomes Square Church already, it was awesome. Next sunday I hope that I found myself from Brooklyn Tabernacle. :) Yeah, it's so amazing to be here and be part of peoples life in such a good way. Okay, so that's my week here.. :) This one is going right now and yeah, let's see what happens.
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Prayer Station
Prayer Station
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