Mandatory sunburn.

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I actually arrived in Playa in the early morning, I probably got about four hours sleep so thats eight in 48 so far. The place is pretty small and finding the Language School I am ´studying´at was a doddle, the question now is what to do with the rest of the day since I don´t know anyone.

What can you do, so I went for various walks, along the beach around the shops so on and so forth. I found the essentials, Starbucks, an Internet cafe, some nice places to eat, some nice places to drink, etc, etc. I found a dive centre for lessons, nice heavily pregnant lady seems to be taking the course, when I asked if afternoon or evening classes were available to which she looked at me crazy suggesting we go in the sea after two, I couldn´t help thinking I am more concerned about the seven month feoutus than a bit of bad lighting. Well I have not had a baby and thus don´t know.

Returning to the language school it appears that most of the students there have been there a while, they all seem to know each other, I was hoping it would be like uni where everyone is in the same boat, not to worry, classes start tomorrow and I have more than enough to worry about with that.

Bit disapointed not to have found somewhere were I can buy a camera, all the shops sell flip flops and nothing else. This must be the flip flop trading centre for the whole world. No bad thing indeed.

Trying to find a camera around the flip flops has caused me to walk further than I planned, well thats one xceuse and as a result I have got sun burn on my calfs and arms. Really, this happens every every time. Its an English thing surely. Apparantly the consitancy with which the English burnt their necks in the US colanies is where the term red necks comes from.  I don´t know where I read that but it always makes me chuckle, on with tradition.

So today is pretty uneventful, lets see tomorrow.

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