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Holy momma, after a 25 hour day I can sleep. Todays Today´s flight and passage to mexico has done nothing to diminish the life at a slow pace culture that latin peope are often remarked upon. Although todays problems are more related to BA´s incompetence a missed flight from Mexico City to Cancun and its related stress was only compounded upon  by the shrugged shoulders and blank expresions of airport staff, oh que cera cera. Add to this I had been crammed in next to mother and baby to my left and a woman so large I suspect she ate babies for eleven hours on the flight to Mexico. They were both lovely, the baby adorable and I thought it was nice.

On the plus side I got to get a go in one of those airport buggies, the ones reserved for the old the ill or the very, very late. By the time I got to the airport I would claim passage under all three conditions but being late was enough. Lets be fare a trip on an airport buggy is no TukTuk but it is fun and I curse my linguistic inabilities that I could not recal the Spanish for faster, which, in hindsight goes to show how tired I was because if speedy gonzalez taught me anything and his cousin slow poke hernandez all I needed to say was arriba.

On arrival in Cancun I had a pre-paid for connection to Playa, sorted, however now because I was late and it was a shuttle service the shuttle service did not want to port me around on my own. Not that they would tell me that off course, they prefered to wonder around for 25 minutes, about eight of them discussing the situation, dealing with rude American´s of which there were numbers that I had not even experience in London and try to look Macho, which, for a nation of pretty short people can not be easy. Imagine humpa lumpa´s leaningor slumped against posts either with shades or avoiding eye contact and with attitude, its plainly rediculous.

The heat in the Yucatan this time of year is hot, suck the air out of your lungs hot, even in the middle of the night. Getting of the flight into the warm air on vacation is always great. When the warm air hits you and palms become clammy, thats when you know your on holiday, smiles all round.

I found out another benefit of traveling light is that a backpack works out as a great pillow, so I was relaxed reading about Kubla and eventually they decided that I was not going to go away and ordered me a taxi. The leader of the pack (think jonny from Grease) indicated that the taxi man would take me now and I should give him a tip, in these situations its hard not to feel your being ripped off by a cunning opportunistic indiginious people, and I was.

However the taxi fellow, Juan, was a proper nice chap, I guy of perhaps fifty he claimed he spoke little English and needed to practice, a miss truth born out by his use of the words perpendicular and fabricated in the sentance before and after the admition of poor English skills. Juan explained to me the road layout, where the beach was and found me a hotel.

My origional plan was to turn up and just find somewhere to stay, wing it so to speak ( a concept Juan simply did not understan, I think he felt I was lying to him), given that it was two in the morning, I was knakered to delirium and Playa is rough in places Juan helped me out proper, so I felt it only suitable not to renege on my tipping, god knows what the local custom is but I gave him a tip that was clearly more than he could expect and he shook my hand in the sole brother hooked fahion manner, odd for a fifty year old, Juan is simply down with it.

Well that is about it, given that I am completly on my own Juan the taxi driver, Veronica the mother, baby and larger lady are like my Mexican family.

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