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I switch off my computer. Rain drops are falling and going down my window. I remember the orange lights of the streets, in the small mountain town in Mexico. Two small girls walk along the wall, small black silhouettes with black hair, on the background of this luminous wall. The computer emits a final noise before its definitive extinction.


The sun had set exactly behind the small church illuminated for New Year's Day. Her laughing eyes had led me on the roof of the church, where the sun was disappearing in silence. She looked at the horizon and her small chest seemed to do likewise.


The old Indians placed under the porch of the churches became quiet shapes. The tortured fa├žade of the church, its statues hidden in the shade, seemed to disappear in the past, when the Aztec temples were destroyed and were rebuilt as the Spanish conqueror's temples.


I returned to the hotel, a white and simple house, with a court inside and large plants falling from the roof, and it is as if nothing could affect me. I fell asleep, after having stretched simply, and my body seemed to melt in the night and to disappear beyond the mountain.

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