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a crummy Badajoz clip is in this 3rd video

One thing you learn when long distance hiking with luggage is, always know where your nearest shelter is--especially when it's threatening to rain at any minute...

 I do fall into a ditch once--other than that, the hike to Spain was rather uneventful.  I do wonder what the border guards (if there are any) might think of a guy wandering into Spain at 11 PM with a pack and a guitar slung over his shoulder... but hey, I'm in the EU, right?  It's not like I'm crossing from India to Pakistan!

 Nope, nothing happens at the border except getting barked at by the drug sniffing dogs as I passed their kennels...

 Still a good couple of miles from Badajoz proper--I don't care—I’m just happy that I made it into Spain.  Besides, from the border on, the road is lit and there is even a sidewalk.

 I’m not sure if I can find a cheap place to stay or if I just have to camp out somewhere--I decide to head across town to the bus station first to see what that schedule is.  Turns out, there is a bus leaving right away (it’s almost 1 in the morning)--I figure I'd better go ahead and take it... Suddenly I realize I haven't taken my video clip yet!  So I rush outside the station to take a quick, crummy clip in the plaza there--almost missing my bus in the process...

 ...Maybe I'll make it back someday to explore Badajoz properly...

 Anyhow, it's been a great day--Elvas, Evora, the night hike and not having to pay for a hotel room.

 Back in Madrid

I wake up in Madrid where I have a full day to explore the city some more—and meet up with an old friend I haven’t seen since 1998.   This time I head over to the royal palace—a beautiful, mystical sight in the morning mist… then on to “statue park” with monuments dedicated to Spaniards who have played an important role in history…

Then I hang out with Vino and his wife for the evening.  We enjoy another stroll in the park and a hike through the old part of town where Vino points out some of the landmarks I’d overlooked—like the Tio Pepe billboard, Madrid’s oldest billboard. Then we stop for a Turkish doner, play some music… and part ways.

Finally I head to my room and fade off to sleep, realizing that, except for a few brief periods, I’ve been in Dream Mode for over a month.  It’s been a rich time, bringing back to life a lot of memories from a life-changing phase in my life.  

Now tomorrow I’ll get on a plane and go back to the Real World.  It might be a while before I wake up in this Dream again.

End of Episode 01

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a crummy Badajoz clip is in this …
photo by: Distanasia