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After Algeciras, I head on towards my next goal:  To explore and parkbench a new country: Portugal.  But on the way, I was to spend a good couple of hours revisiting beautiful Sevilla.

 Even before the bus reaches the station,  it strikes me how much I’ve changed since the last time I visited Sevilla back in 1998.  The cathedrals, palaces, castles, and monuments which I’d hardly noticed 10 years ago, now I find absolutely stunning… it seems that over the years I’ve come to appreciate architectural beauty and the culture and history that it represents.  Also, now that I’ve travelled around much of the world, I know that beauty like what you find in Sevilla is not easy to find.  

So I quickly scurry about, trying to absorb as much of Sevilla as I can… The magnificent Plaza de Espana… the monument to Cristopher Columbus… into the well maintained Old City, through the Alcazar (“El Ksar” in Arabic)… and of course the mammoth mosque-turned-cathedral… covered with statues and typical Catholic church architecture in an attempt to mask its Muslim origins.


I can’t help but remember visiting the mammoth cathedral-turned-mosque—the Haggia Sophia in Istanbul… and ponder on the tumultuous 14 century rivalry between Muslims and Christians…  How mosques were turned into churches and visa versa as a sign of proud conquest…

I recall the things that I saw and heard during my stay in Spain back in 96, and I know that this ancient rivalry is still very real to many people here…

I wander on up along the river, On the other side are the gawdy structures left over from the World Expo held here back in the early nineties.  A few of them are still in use, but most of them look like they’ve fallen into disrepair… 

The contrast couldn’t be more vivid… On one side of the river, the buildings were built so carefully and meticulously so that many centuries later, they still awe visitors… On the other side, we see buildings and exhibits that were quickly slapped together to be appreciated for just a few weeks and then abandoned.

  It’s like an entire “disposable city”… of sad symbol of the wastefulness and shallowness of our modern world…

But I don’t want to dwell too much on Sevilla’s sins… Overall, it’s and amazing cities.  People say that Sevilla folks are a bit snobby and arrogant about their city.  But quite frankly, I think they have good reason to feel proud of their city…

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Sevilla is in my 3rd music video
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