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After one more stop that I have to make in Casablanca, I'm headed north to Kenitra, and this time it’s not by accident. I’m gonna try to cram in just a couple more cities and then head back to Spain and beyond...

 Next stop: Kenitra.  Another non-touristy city north of Rabat with a rather gritty feel to it.  I find a cheap little hotel where my question of “do you have hot water?” only brings me a bemused smile.   Then I head to explore a lively market area, then past a couple of overcrowded cafes where the eyes are glued to the TV screens.

Kenitra is in my 2nd music video
   I get closer to see.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve heard nothing but moans and angry rants about the Moroccan national team.  I had the impression that people have lost interest in football altogether.

 Well, maybe Moroccan football… but this is a Real Madrid game.  Apparently they haven’t fallen from grace…

 One thing I notice is that everyone talks to me in Arabic here--I guess maybe they're not used to seeing foreigners, so they assume I’m a blonde Moroccan or something.

 Next day I find a scruffy little fountain like thing where I play my songs.  Here, unlike my usual crowd up boys and young men, a couple young schoolgirls come to listen to my songs.  A man comes to try to shoo them away, maybe he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for young girls to hang around a strange looking man.

 “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” he asks

“Our teachers are on strike” is their response—apparently a common situation here in Morocco. 

I soon find that they weren’t lying.  I go to explore the town just a little bit more and come across a cluster of what it seems to be, teacher forming a picket line.  I wander on to a very scruffy, half abandoned industrial area then decide to head on my way.  I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t find any really “nice” neighborhoods here in Kenitra… it all feels like a large farm market town quite frankly. 

(Postnote: I find out 16 months later that I completely missed the “heart” of Kenitra, a very modern downtown with shady boulevard and chic cafes, and a pleasant stroll along the river… see 2009A, Entry 0330)


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Kenitra is in my 2nd music video
photo by: nathanphil