0107 Busted in Biougra (Mor 018—revisit)

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I’m not quite sure where to make my day trip to today, so I head to the local bus station in Inezgane and get on the first bus heading out... to Biougra.

 It’s an agricultural center where trucks drive by packed with women wearing scarves over their faces going to work in the tomato farms.  Kind of rugged looking folks in this area.  After walking around town a bit, I decide to hike around to the countryside.  I follod a path that uses cactuses as fences  to some cool ancient-looking houses. The desert wind that blows dust, sand and plastic bags everywhere is still going strong, but I’m not going to let it dampen my experience.  As I wander around trying to get a good shot, a fellow in a djellaba riding a scooter stopped by asks what I’m doing.

Biougra is in my 3rd music video

"Just wandering around" I say. 

Apparently, a white man wandering around the trash strewn fields around Biougra in the middle of a sandstorm just doesn't make sense to him.  He tells me he’s the “royal representative” in charge of keeping an eye on this town and he's been getting calls from his agents about this foreigner wandering around.

"The sandstorm must have driven him mad" someone suggested.

I'm used to being watched pretty much wherever I go, but I guess they take it to a whole new level here in Biougra.  He insisted that I must leave--that there are a lot of very bad people in this area.  I reassure him that I’m headed on to town, and I’ll be leaving soon.  So he leaves.  

Once I think he’s out of sight, I climb over a fence into a nearby field looking for a good place for my video clip.  Still no luck.  So I continue on to town where my wary watchman is waiting for me impatiently.  He invites me to come join him for a drink.  I suspect this is more of an order than an invitation, so I join him and he interrogates me for a while until he’s finally satisfied that I’m not crazy.  Then he goes on to give me lecture about the fearsome dangers of Biougra. 

I want to scoff and say “Biougra? Dangerous?!  It's a Berber farmtown!  C'mon! You’ver  no idea where I've been!” But instead I listen respectfully and in the end he pays for my drink, so I can't really complain.  Although I am a little peeved that for the first time in 107 towns, I have to cut my visit to a town short because someone is being overprotectives.

 I decide to be very discreet about my parkbenching video clip and quietly prop my camera next to me on a bench out on the main road.  People already think I'm crazy here, so I don’t want to give them any more fuel for their imaginations.

 And with that, I head back to Agadir, pack my bags, say goodbye to a few people and then head up north once again.  But not for long… I know I’ll be back in this region again.


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Biougra is in my 3rd music video
photo by: nathanphil