0104 The Commercial Hub of the Souss Valley (Mor 015—revisit)

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My Inezgane Posse

Back in Agadir, I decide to do a couple of side trips around the "Agadir Metropolitan Area" (if you want to call it that) starting with the much-less touristy city of Inezgane... 

 The day starts out with one of the typical sandstorms that lasts for a couple of days.  Now these aren't anything like the sky-blackening sandstorms you get down in Mauritania, but they're a quite irritating nonetheless as you get sand in your eyes and you feel your always covered with a layer of dust.

 A lot of memories of Inezgane.   I remember being surrounded by a couple of thieves in the scrap market area (their technique: a couple of guys are in front of you to distract you, while another guy goes for your back pocket.

That's Tekiouine in the distance
  Fortunately, I was smart enough that time to NOT have anything except my comb in my back pocket... Afterwards, once I'd gotten safely away I looked at them and sneered--and one of them tossed me back my comb...

 So Inezgane is where I started to prove that I’m street smart… but I shouldn’t get too cocky now!

 I take a clip from a hillside overlooking that market--not exactly a flattering view of Inezgane... and then head towards the river.  I remember reaching this spot back in November of 96 where I walked through a narrow alleyway and then suddenly reached the edge of town and a breathtaking view of Ait Melliul, Tekiouine--the whole region--with dozens of mosques dotting the skyline...

 This time the view doesn’t seem so breathtaking--maybe it's the weather.

The Scrap Market
.. or maybe it was the realization that it just isn't going to look as cool in a photo...

 Continue on to where a group of fellows ask for a song.  I agree, for the price of 10 dirhams a song (I didn't actually charge them.) A few minutes later, with kids heading home from school, I start having crowd control problems and have to call the concert off.  Teenage and young adult Moroccans don't usually like having a crowd of kids around.

 A couple of guys do follow me on to a quieter spot where I play a couple more song and then insist that I come home with them for lunch.  They insist that it would be OK with their parents... I insist that they go home and make sure first...

 Turns out that their dad is a very strict, religious type--he definitely doesn’t approved of the guitar slung over my shoulder!  So that doesn't work out...

 "So what does your dad think of your heavy metal t-shirt?" I ask one of the guys.

 "Oh, I always cover it up when I go home--he would burn it!"

 Looks like we've got a case of generation gap here...

 So we wander around--actually headed through the scrap market... I feel a lot more confident this time with my posse of bodyguards.... Have a delicious tagine in the main market and head on...


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My Inezgane Posse
My Inezgane Posse
Thats Tekiouine in the distance
That's Tekiouine in the distance
The Scrap Market
The Scrap Market
Inezgane is included in this Trav…
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