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Outskirts of Ksar El Kebir

On the bus to Ksar El Kebir, a new passenger boards and brings us the somber news... Morocco is losing to Ghana and at risk of being eliminated in the first round of the Africa Cup of soccer.  People are quickly discussing plans to head down to the airport to shower the players with eggs and tomatoes as soon as they arrive.

 Although I’m not that big on soccer, I find myself caught up in the excitement, when the pride of an entire nation rests on the ability of 11 men to be able to kick a ball.  And Morocco, whose passion for football hasn’t let to much of any results on the world stage, is desperate to at least get a little respect out of this competition with other African countries.

 So when we reach Ksar El Kbir, I quickly trot down the busy streets until I find an overflowing café with men staring gloomily at the TV.

Ksar El Kebir is in my 2nd music video

And that’s when I have this really, really stupid idea.  I remember hearing about a kid in Mexico who got shot because he cheered for the wrong team in the wrong crowd.  I wonder what would happen if I did that here?

My curiosity gets the best of me and I blurt out "Allez Ghana! Allez Ghana!"

Fortunately for me, Moroccans have a better sense of humor than Mexicans when it comes to these matters.

Exploring the city

Now off to explore the city.  Ksar El Kebir is definitely not on the tourist circuit--but it's a good place for people watching... In the evening, since there's not really anywhere to go, people just walk up and down the streets around the marketplace. Since it was pretty dark, I had a hard time finding a good place to parkbench and when I did, I only got a couple of rowdy kids as an audience--with various passerbys volunteering as bodyguards whe they started getting out of hand...

Anyways, found a place to stay, got up, had some pea soup for breakfast and headed on my way...

Postnote: I lost my original clip of Ksar el Kebir, so I took the picture and videoclip on my way back from Casablanca to Spain

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Outskirts of Ksar El Kebir
Outskirts of Ksar El Kebir
Ksar El Kebir is in my 2nd music …
Ksar Elkebir
photo by: nathanphil