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One of the fellows I met in Tanger insisted that I needed to see Asilah... so the next morning I head down to the Tanger bus/taxi station.  When I insisted that I was taking a collective taxi, not a personal taxi, one of the driver's exclaimed "Allah Akbar!" (apparently he was very impressed by my stinginess!)

 Hamid was right--Asilah is definitely a must see--you come through a majestic gateway and wall into an old city of freshly painted, bright white and blue buildings... not a scrap of trash anywhere... Alleyways with these cool murals... to the sea wall where you can get a great panoramic view...  a very artsey little place.

 It's definitely not your "typical" medina, bustling with vegetable vendors donkey carts, it's more the kind of place to go to if you just need want to relax and clear your mind a bit.

There on the sea wall, once again I have the chance to meet some interesting people including a Moroccan/British fellow who is here on vacation and is married to a British policewoman!

 I also wander around the "modern" part of town--found a very shabby little marketplace with nothing but sheets of plastic as a roof--kind of an interesting contrast...

 Concerned that transportation might shut down because of a big match in the Africa Cup of Morocco vs Ghana, I head to the collective taxi station.  Sure enough, there are only two of us who want to travel at that time (the taxi carries 6).  Finally, the other guy spots a bus approaching so we run for it with the taxi driver yelling at us the whole way... 

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