Oji Zoo not just animals but cherry blossoms too.

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With the gorilla pounding on his chest to show everyone who was boss, the seals gracefully swimming in the pools. The ostrich standing at attention posing for photos while his fellow friends were pecking at the grass. Oji zoo, the home of the giant panda was doing what he does best sleeping on his platform, the koalas saw that and soon joined him too.

The hippotamus splashing about to the cheers of the crowd, while the rhinocerouses weren't to be outdone, eyeballing one another knocking their horns. The giraffe only had eyes for one thing those tasty cherry blossoms were just to damn good as he enjoyed munching on them.The flamingos were making a raucous noise that created a crowd and by the time we got to the elephants he was put in his cage for the day.As well as the lions, tigers and other big cats we weren't able to catch a glimpse of them either as it was past their bed time or were they out back just getting their daily feed.

Their was only one thing to do and that was to look at the beauty of the colorful pail pink that filled the air of this spring day. The 1000's of cherrry blossoms that bloom to life from the first week of April for the next 10 days.

ellechic says:
the cherry blossoms are so pretty! i cant wait when out cherry blossoms here in nyc blooms... i think it starts next week!
Posted on: Apr 05, 2009
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