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Pioneer House Restaurant.
Well last Sunday my girlfriend and I were on our way to Chemainus and while on your way there you pass by this great little place Called Whippletree Junction.  It has been there as long as I can remember...I pass by it so often you foget it is there.

I used to stop by there just to go and look in all the shops..I love just wandering about there to see what things they have new.  You can go from antique shops, to shops that make furniture, to can watch them make their own yarn, you can watch them in their knitting.  The Pioneer House has great food (I will do a review later), little shops that sell fudge (yum), coffee shops, and stones.  Some of the stores have changed through the years, but it always has something great to offer the sightseer.
One of my favorite stores...it has been here since the beginning.

A little history.
Whippletree junction is located Just 3km's south of Duncan you can see it on your left hand side of the road if you are leaving from Victoria...you can't miss all the color of the buildings.

Whippletree was the creation of Randy Streit.  In 1968 he started taking buildings which were destined for demolition-so he moved them to this great location. (A guy who thinks outside the box). The Wickertree (love that store), was the first building which came from Duncan's old Chinatown. Wagon Wheel Antiques was an old fish cannery in Sooke.
  Black Coffee and other Delights was a post office and bank in Cobble Hill.

The fountain in the courtyard is called Trickletree.  It is made from old sawmill and cars parts (what an imagination).  Mr. Streit loved collecting gasoline memorabilia and the White Rose was his favorite.  You will see lots of the old signs scattered around the area along with the gasoline stations signs...all from long ago.

In the early 1970's Mr. Streit stumbled upon a bar in the St. Francis Salon in Butte, Montana, a totally deserted ghost town.  He fell in love with that bar so he brought it home.  Now once home he realized he had no place to put it...and voila he sold a plot of land to Paul Watson, attached a promissory note, built the Pioneer House Restaurant...and thus the restaurant was born. (again I will write a review later).

Nature gifts has many unique hand made gifts from all around Canada.
For the knitting lovers...lots of great stuff inside...and interesting to see.
  Don't forget to go in and take a wee piece of complementary fudge!

All the other buildings were constructed from salvaged storefronts and historic buildings giving the shopping centre some really cool unique buildings.

The courtyard was repaved in 1999 and the first layer of bricks came from the old Bamberton Cement works (another addition one day).

Whippletree Junction's name was derived from the horse and buggy era when whippletree ws an important harness part to hitch up a horse and wagon. (i never knew that).

I love playing tourist in my province.  There is so much to see...and things to discover...I never really took the time.  I love the history..and going inside the shops and just looking around is so much fun.  I just have to take the time. Sometimes that seems aslmost impossible...but fun when I do.

hummingbird50 says:
Thanks Steve! :)
Posted on: Oct 12, 2008
Stevie_Wes says:
I love the ethos behind the foundations of this little town/ stop off village. Kinda like collage work architecture.
Posted on: Oct 12, 2008
jkbopb says:
Nice Job!
Posted on: Mar 10, 2008
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Pioneer House Restaurant.
Pioneer House Restaurant.
One of my favorite stores...it has…
One of my favorite stores...it ha…
For the knitting lovers...lots of …
For the knitting lovers...lots of…
Trickletree...I love it.
Trickletree...I love it.
Old printing press...
Old printing press...
Get your fudge here...yum!
Get your fudge here...yum!
No climbing up to Joe...poor Joe.
No climbing up to Joe...poor Joe.
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