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After receiving a great job offer that was to start in a week, I decided I needed to celebrate by spending a few days in Vegas. All of my friends have jobs and husbands and kids and could not get away with one or two days notice and head to Vegas, so I went by myself.

My family thought I was crazy...or that I had some romantic rendevous set up with a stranger. They were wrong on both counts!

Going to Vegas by yourself is awesome! I have been to Vegas many times, and I often leave disappointed. If you are with a group there is the constant planning and negotiating and compromising that results in nobody getting to do exactly what they wanted to do. Even if you go with one other person, you still have to consider what that person wants to do and compromise your own enjoyment.

I am not much of a gambler, if I lose $40 I'm done for the trip. I will however spend much more than that to have a great meal or to see a great show. For me Vegas is about the experience and not about the blackjack table.

As I was going to spend 3 days on my own I decided that what I wanted most was a great pool, good food, fanstastic entertainment and time to relax.

I stayed at the Monte Carlo, it was a good price and they have a great pool. It is also in a perfect location, right across from the New York, the MGM and just down from the Paris and Bellagio. They have a great brew pub inside that has live music every night. The pool area includes a wave pool and a lazy river. The lazy river with a drink in hand was right up my alley. They play great music in the pool area and the entire place has a good vibe.

One of my goals was to see "O" at the Bellagio. Last time I went to Vegas it was one of my goals as well, unfortunately I was with a blackjack addict who spent so much time at the table that he was a very boring traveling companion.

I went to see O and it was worth every penny of the $140 ticket price. It was amazing. The acrobatics combined with the ever-changing water/solid stage made for dramatic, awe-inspiring theater. Since I was taking myself to a show I decided to take myself out to a nice dinner too. I ate at Olives in the Bellagio. It sits right on the edge of the fountains and if you want a water view be sure to make a reservation. The food was fantastic. I started with an eggplant arrugula salad that had an interesting combination of cold greens and warm eggplant and then I moved on to the goat cheese stuffed pork chops. By then I was completely stuffed, but they had a molten chocolate dessert that I could not pass up. I was admiring the beauty of the dessert as it sat on the plate when I struck up a conversation with a Canadian couple sitting next to me. I love Canadians, they are so friendly and we spent the next hour enjoying a rousing political discussion.

During the days I would spend time at the pool, working on my tan and working my way through several books, and then I would venture out for a good lunch and to see the sights. I love the Paris and the Venetian and I always make it a point to stop by. This trip I went to the top of the Eiffle Tower. It is worth the $10 for the view of Vegas and I enjoyed taking photos of the different views. I also always make it a point to visit the New York, since it is my favorite. On my last trip I also wanted to ride the roller coaster, but again I could not drag the man away from the table long enough. The roller coaster is so much fun, and again totally worth the $12 price. After a ride on the coaster I went and ate some Mexican food while watching Mexico tie with Ghana in the world cup. I walked over to the MGM and actually spent a few hours playing blackjack. I thought it was successful because I was able to play for 3 hours on $40 and even though I walked away with nothing I felt like it was $40 well-spent.

Once I was done gambling I was thirsty so I went back to the New York and went to Nine Fine Irishmen for a cold drink and some great Irish music. The pub has good food, great beer and live music much of the time. It is a fun place to sit back and enjoy a cold one.

On my last night in Vegas I took myself out to dinner at Spago. I have always wanted to eat at Spago and they have one in Vegas in the Forum Shops at Ceaser's so I decided to try it out. I enjoyed siting and watching all of the people, especially the bachelor party at a table near me. I was trying to figure out which one was the groom, but they all looked happy so it was hard to tell. The food was amazing and the chef kept sending out little bites for me to try and they were all delicious. I started with the yellow squash soup and then had the crushed almond encrusted halibut. Wow, they were both so great, I highly recommend them. I was stuffed, but once again could not turn down dessert so I had the creme broulee cheesecake, and I have to say it is one of my all-time favorite desserts.

After that amazing dinner I walked over to the Mirage for the Brad Garrett comedy show. You may remember Brad Garrett as older brother Robert on Everybody Loves Raymond. Let me tell you that Brad Garrett is nothing like Robert. He started the show by turning up the house lights so he could see the audience. He spent much of the show targeting specific audience members with his caustic and at times unnerving jokes. One of the first things he said was "Robert is dead, and I'm so f--ing happy about that." Overall it was an entertaining show but you have to be ready for an assault on every single type of person under the sun.

The next morning I had an early flight back and I was feeling great until I encountered the incompetent TSA officials at McCarran airport. I won't give it any more print than necessary, just beware when you go through security in Vegas, they are terrible.

Vegas is always a good time, but I recommend taking a trip there on your own, nothing beats getting to do everything you want to do when you want to do it!

ahtibat17 says:
Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I've often wondered about venturing to Vegas on my own, and this certainly makes me want to go!
Posted on: May 13, 2010
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