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1 year mark

So i've been in Suriname for 1 year! One down, one to go. People keep telling me it gets easier after the first year......i'm still waiting for that to happen.

A pack of wild boars ran near my village and the guys got about 14 of them, it fed the whole village for almost a week.

My projects are taking off...I have just started working on a nature trail and overlook bridge near my village. Its a really fun project because i get to take hikes way back into the bush. I saw all kinds of snakes, turtles, birds, and big rat like creatures. Those things look like somethin straight out of the princess bride.

I want to post video online, but i've been so busy that i haven't had time to edit a clip yet.

I am about to post my main project online for donations. It's a website called peace corps partnership. Basically you can go online and look at projects until you find one you want to donate to. If you are interested let me know.

I'm really not to good at this blog thing, i don't have the patience to sit here and type out my entire life here, but i would be happy to talk if you've got questions. It just seems a little egotistical to sit her and talk about myself for a long time.

So until next time,

wo miti,


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Friday, April 04, 2008


It’s a funny thing, all of these NGO’s and a ton of money being thrown around without the people giving it having the slightest idea where it’s going. Well, ok they know it’s going to Suriname, and that it’s "supposed" to be going to an "awareness campaign" or the building of a community center. But what acutally happens? Well i should probably be careful about what i say here, but lets just say that i think 40,000 Euro for a 1,000 sq foot building is a little much. I’m not saying that all NGO’s are corrupt, all i’m saying is that if noone has a vested interest in the well-being of the beneficiaries then money gets wasted. People open their checkbooks, write out an amount that they think is appropriate, then forget the rest. The rest is what matters. So what i ask is this: Be aware of what you are donating to. Who is in charge of the project?  Do they actually give a sh?t? Is someone going to make sure that the people know how to maintain the tractor your money just bought? Is someone going to make sure that your not buying a tractor for people that don’t have money to buy gas to run it?

These are the questions every donor should be asking themselves...

OK sorry about the rant.

I’m doing well. I am learning new things everyday and finding some validity in my work here. It’s very easy to get frustrated at the rate things are moving, but they are moving.

I have yet to procure funding for my environmental awareness project, but i feel confident that it will come.

(by the way if anyone knows any bottling companies that would be interested in helping clean up some of the trash they produce let me know.)

 I feel like I may be getting a little jaded, but i don’t really know how to prevent it. Actually am i jaded or was i just unaware before?

Well anyway, i’m changing, thats for sure....I can’t say its all good change, but to me, it’s very difficult for change to be bad.

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