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What a great idea. Skiing in the middle of winter and after the trip we hit italy. Idea perfect b-u-t.... thing that went wrong was the car. We had a small opel combo (who ever is not familia with this car, it more or less a golfcar with a better roof). We were so optimistic to get there that we could have taken a carpet instead and it will bring us the same way ( 2 optimistic like i said). so we packet the "small" car till the roof with snowboard stuff and equipment no one needs (but thinks he does because he bought it cause it should have a purpis!!,anyway) and a good stereo and got on the road. after a few miles out of the netherlands we got gas and water ( no one knows what happens!?! or did we?) and went back on it. after miles and miles of frustrating road in germany we finally got to the boarder (germany/switzerland).

2nd mistake to buy in our euphoria a discolight u can install in the inside of the car so it looks a bit more rocking. gsus what a trouble with the boarder patrol.after they eventually made shure we have no things to declare (safty first) we could drive into this great country. And i think that is on of the fascinating things when u cross the boarder. from grey to white blue. brialliant view and i think the toilets flush a diffrent way ( just jokin' ). So we went straight - with some corners - to SOLOTHURN. What a city ...but we wanted reach our destination -->Lausanne. I think best spot for snowboarding in switzerland. Just after we reached our hotel my friend hopped out of the car and kissed the snow (mad man like i always say).
i reather went to the next "skihuette" (aka:pub) and loaded myself into the local atmosphere. A few drinks and broken hards later we managed to find the way back to the hotel and dumped our selfs (not even in the right order) into a bed. Next morning with a hangover and a head that didnt fit through the door, we made it with sunglasses to the reception where we picket up our skipasses for the 2 weeks. After a great week of drinking and boarding we decidet to go to italy earlier then we planed. 3rd mistake the check out. I just cant say it enough times. Check the minibar bill before u even attempt 2 check out. keeps u out of greater problems. But light headed we were we didnt and just had 2 pay much more then we planed. what so ever we made it back on the street and with in the back of your mind into new problems. 4th mistake how to get out the country again. Actually there was nothing happening this time. We passed with our little overloaded vehicle the swiss boarder in the near of lugano into italy. By the way we where overloaded cause we had 3 crates of beer in the back (hahaha). Now in Italia i start another story and another blog. Salute

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photo by: breeniex