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Ok...so I can't say that I have anything all too interesting to write about this time. All I have been doing is going to class this week. Oh, and I found an apartment which I am moving into in three weeks! I can't wait to cook for myself again!!! Something I will note that I found interesting recently is that the university here has hosted several parties/concerts, and even a beach day where class was optional. All these events included free beer and piscola(pisco-the chilean liquor mixed with coke) and the one university party I attended was quite a drunken mess due to the free beverages. I can't quite get my head around a university sponsoring events like these, because if they were to do this in the USA, their reputation as a good university would go down the drain. I suppose that it is partially due to the fact that none of the students are underage, and also just a cultural difference. I think that drinking/being drunk is more acceptable here. Anyway, I did not attend the beach trip since I didn't want to miss any of my classes (I know, dorky, but since I only understand half of what they say-if that- anyway, I can't afford to miss class intentionally yet). This weekend I have been taking it easy- no 5am bedtimes. I bought a couple books in spanish and have gotten to work on this whole "becoming fluent" thing. Hope all is well with everyone. I'll try to update this a little more frequently and hopefully come up with some more interesting topics.
miem says:
Jilly, So glad you found an apartment and to know you are getting to bed earlier. Jill, you aren't dorky--that beach party didn't sound like fun to me--I commend you for keeping up with your classes. Stay safe. Love you always!! Miem
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
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