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wendy and i out on fri night
This should technically be split up into two entries, but I have been busy and didn't have time to post. SORRY!

On Friday Claire mentioned to me wanting to go to Pichilemu(beach about 3hrs south of Santiago) but not wanting to organize the trip. I was keen on going, so I rounded up the troops and got a hostel reservation. Since it was our last day of spanish class, some of the girls had a party and we went out afterwards. Throughout the evening, one by one people came up to me to explain how they weren't going to go to the beach, since we were staying out so late. I was out so late that I caught the metro home at 6:30 and was in bed at 7am! I just slept in and figured I'd run in the afternoon, assuming that everyone had bailed on the beach trip.
the beach on sat night. It was sunny the next day.
At 11ish, Josh got online and messaged me "Vamos?" as is "Are we going?" I told him noone else wanted to go but us, so he and I went around and called everyone and talked them into going again. We got a bit of a late start due to this, but we were on the bus for the beach by 4 in the afternoon. There were 7 of us total: Josh, Claire, Jono, Wendy, Martin, and Taty (our token Chilean friend!). We had a nice dinner at a restaurant on the beach that night and hung out afterwards. On our way back to the hostel that night we saw this Chilean family playing music on the street and dancing for money, so Josh goes and starts dancing with the grandmother. Soon, we were all dancing with them and being watched by all the locals. I can just see them whispering to each other "what weird gringos!" The hostel we stayed at that weekend had a very nice breakfast, especially for a hostel.
josh and his chilean women dancing in the street
There was homemade bread and freshly made melon juice. On Sunday, we hung out at the beach all day reading, playing fútbol, and walking. I ended up with a little bit of a burn, but at this point I've tanned over. It's weird being tan in March. That night we went to a circus for 1,000 pesos or ~$2. It was 2hours long and pretty entertaining. Martin, Josh, and Jono all got called up to be part of one of the acts too. The next morning we caught a bus back just in time to make it to orientation for classes. This is where we will pretend that there is a new entry...

So the enrollment for foreign students here is really weird, so I am currently attending the classes that I want to take, but I am not yet actually enrolled yet. I have til the 24th to enroll, and I will do so once my professor from Georgia Tech approves the course that I have chosen. So far these are the courses I am planning on taking. 1. Spanish Grammar 2. Español de America- linguistics course which compares the different types of spanish around latin america and the carribbean 3. Antropologia de America- discusses why society has become the way it is now, cause and effect, etc. I am still seeing a good bit of the people from my classes around campus. In both of my regular classes (not the grammar ones) I have friends to help me out, so that should be nice. I take a test on Tuesday to see which grammar level I am in and then that class will begin. I also might take a mountaineering class if there is still room left.

O yes... how could I forget to tell you that I went to a karaoke bar for the first time ever on Monday??? It was pretty fun, and since it was a Monday night, we were the only ones there. I sang quite a few times (noone goes up alone, so we all just went as a group multiple times). We also sang a few times in Spanish, which is terribly difficult.

I think that just about covers everything that happened in the past week!

miem says:
Hey Jill, Everything sounds exciting but tiring--we had 3 to 4 inches of snow yesterday--freezing rain now (5 a.m. Sat.) and more snow to come and you have a tan in March--get enough rest and sleep. Take care--we really like knowing what you are are doing! Love you, Miem
Posted on: Mar 08, 2008
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wendy and i out on fri night
wendy and i out on fri night
the beach on sat night. It was sun…
the beach on sat night. It was su…
josh and his chilean women dancing…
josh and his chilean women dancin…
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