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Thanks to everyone for my congratulations and my award! I was so excited!

So after the day of hiking to the river and back, what did I do??? Go hiking again of course! This time Taty and I were joined by Emily(another aussie friend) to hike Cerro San Cristobal. Cerro San Cristobal is a "hill" that overlooks Santiago. I had taken a tour bus to the top last time I had been in Santiago, but that's just not the same as hiking it. Something about deserving the view when you get to the top after an hour plus hike. It was a great time with tons more spanish involved. I also managed to mix up cuchara(spoon) and cucaracha(cockroach) during the trip, which definitely gave Taty a few laughs at my expense! Oh well. Emily was also kind enough to bring Vegemite crackers for Taty and I. If you don't know what vegemite is, it is this spread that the aussies love. It's basically yeast extract and therefore extremely salty and strong, but with a little butter on bread or crackers, it makes a pretty good snack. I happened to find a leftover half a jar or so in the fridge at my house from the previous student. Now all my aussie friends are jealous, and apparently I'm packing the vegemite sandwiches for the next picnic! I'll let them have it, just so long as my peanut butter gets here soon... Anyway, after hiking the hill, Emily and I went over to Taty's and had some bean and pumpkin soup--very good. At the end of that day, I was worn out though, and my butt was sore all day yesterday from my hiking adventures over the weekend ( I had also run my long run before the hill hike on Sunday, so I don't think that helped). This week should be a fairly busy one as far as schoolwork goes--a 3pg essay and presentation tomorrow, exam on friday, and random articles and exercises throughout the week. Maybe I should have started on all of this over the weekend... nah.
*sorry for the lack of pictures. I forgot my camera on the cerro san cristobal hike.
dedad says:

dedad says:
Hey Jilly, Enjoy reading your entries--wish I were there ya'all. It's too darn cold up here. I don't think I'll make it till summer. Keep your warm and local comments coming. Take it easy on those hikes and don't strain yourself. Till next time--love ya!! Dedad
Posted on: Feb 26, 2008
Posted on: Feb 26, 2008
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