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In this entry I'm going to try to explain all of the typical Chilean foods that I can come up with. I labeled this as entry #1, since I'm sure more examples will come to mind. Most importantly, Chileans LOVE avacado(palta in spanish). They are huge producers of it and it is a pretty big export. Therefore, it's cheap here, and an integral part of every meal. They spead it on bread, put it in salads, basically it's a part of every day. As far as fruits and veggies go, chileans tend to eat their fruit a when its not quite ripe enough(in my mind), but they do have some good fruit! They also peel almost everything. My family makes salads with sliced tomato, but they peel the tomato first. They have fruit, but they peel and slice it as well. I'm not sure what this is about--the skin is the healthiest part! They use a lot of corn here, and one of their unique meals is pastel de choclo(more or less a corn casserole). They have a summer drink called Mote con Huesillo which is a kind of peachy flavored tea with a big chunk of peach in it and corn on the bottom. A little weird, but not bad. They drink instant coffee as well--drives me crazy(Dedad, you'd be right at home). Empanadas are, as in most latin american countries, a big deal. They have an empanada de pino(not piƱa which is pineapple). The empanada pino has beef, egg, olives, and onions inside. Another meal-on-the-go is the completo. A completo is a huge hot dog. I haven't tried one, but it involves LOTS of toppings. My friends seem to like the completo italiano which has tomato, avacado, and mayonaise on top--possibly more, but that's what I saw. They don't do much baking here either. I made cookies the other day, but apparently measuring cups are not a household item here, nor are teaspoons/tablespoons. I had to be a little innovative. It worked out. I have also been getting used to the gas stoves and ovens. Waaayyy different baking cookies in a conventional oven v. gas oven. I'm getting the hang of it though. I think this should do for now, hope you are all doing well!
p.s. I'll add photos of some of these foods soon!
miem says:
Jilly, The food sounds interesting--the fruit especially!!! I like avocado ,however, here in the US they're quite expensive, as are many fruits. Your dad just stopped by for a minute--he's going golfing with your pa. Send you more later!! Always love you, Miem
Posted on: Apr 06, 2008
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