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My host family has treated me very well so far, and we are getting along well. Yesterday, I napped on and off all day. In the evening, my host parents Eliana and Alejandro, their grandson Rodrigo (Ro for short), and I sat down for dinner. My host mom cooks very well (and every night *wink wink* MOM!). We had sauteed vegetables with spring rolls and rice, and I had wine :). Dessert was fruit! I like their food here very much. Lots of vegetables, fruit, and bread. Oh also, I spoke to Diego(a friend of mine and Tyler's who is from Santiago) and I am suppose to call him to meet up with him and his family tonight! I am pretty excited that I at least have one friend in this whole country! Today after breakfast, Ro taught me how to play dominos and then Eliana, Ro (10yrs old), and I went to the park. First of all, I'd like to say that I loved this park. It was really pretty and there was lots of activity. I'll have to post pictures later. The plan was that I would run while Ro played. So I start running off in one direction. No more than 1min later, I hear someone sprinting behind me--it's Ro. He decided to run with me. We ran a whole 2min more and started walking. So he showed me around the park (we raced a few times) and then we went and played fútbol(soccer) some. I basically got to be a kid for the afternoon (oh yeah, and I never got around to running...). We got home, had lunch, and went to a meeting with my housing coordinator. While I was there, I met two other students doing the same thing I am (Sam from Australia and Nikki from Wisconsin). We all traded numbers since we don't exactly know too many people here, and we will hopefully be getting together sometime soon. Eliana, my host mom, gave me a prepaid cell phone to use while I am here. I just have to pay for the minutes. I also have my skype account set up. For those of you who don't know what skype is, it is a phone service over the internet. I have a phone number (and I think a voicemail box) if any of you need to talk to me. I'll have my mom send it out to everyone, and if she misses you in her email, just let me know and I can send it to you. Anyway, I have a headache from speaking/listening to spanish today, so I am going to take a nap.
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