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As I stood at the gate, I realized that I'm on my own from here. Last time I had a group of fifteen people boarding the plane with me. I can already sense that this trip will be very different from the last, in an I'm-going-to-grow-a-lot way. I'm looking forward to soaking it all up (while being careful, of course). So I get on the plane, and whaddayaknow...I'm next to a pretty big guy--who was taking up a bit of my personal bubble. It was a long 9 and a half hours needless to say. I arrived at the airport fine, got my baggage, quickly rushed through immigration and customs, just to find out that the family I was staying with was not, in fact, waiting for me as I had been told they would be. I tried to use the pay phone to call the housing program director to find out what I should do, but the pay phone ate my few chilean coins that I had from my last trip here. A guy with information noticed that I looked lost, and asked if I needed help. I gave him the family's number and explained my situation. He called the family for me, found out that I was supposed to get a taxi to their house (NOT what the email said), and proceeded to help me with my baggage and get me a taxi. He got a big tip. After a 20-30min drive, I arrived at the condo building where my family lives. Too bad the guy at the desk and I couldn't seem to figure out to which condo I was suppose to go. My email said 53, but he knew who lived there, and it wasn't my family. Now he calls the family to tell them he has a lost girl that thinks she is living with them (second time this has happened today). We find out that it is apartment 23 (not 53) that I'll be living in, so for all of you to whom I gave my address, change the 53 to 23 or I won't receive anything. I got a tour of the condo by Maria, my "sister" and then had breakfast with her and her dad (I can't remember his name...oops). They seem very nice and I can't wait to understand what they're saying! I have to go run before lunch, but I'll keep posting!
montecarlostar says:
Wow that was scary! I would have been a little freaked out hehe... and probably mad too
Posted on: Apr 08, 2009
jwildavis says:
What a way to start your trip! Talk about working without a net. I hope the rest of your time there goes smoother. Take care.


Uncle Jeff
Posted on: Feb 08, 2008
rsdavis says:

I'm sorry that you experienced some anxiety when you first arrived in Chile. But, I'm glad you were resourceful enough to find your way. That guy at the airport may well have been an angel that God sent.

Stay safe!!


Posted on: Feb 08, 2008
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