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We get up at 08:00 and have breakfast. We don’t take a lot, because we would be a bit to thick caused by the food and the beers and cocktails. What will we be doing today? Nothing much probably; the weather is the same as before. It rains and there are a lot of clouds, but from time to time the sun appears. Temperatures are still OK, so we can run around in shorts and bikini. We won’t be cold here. Before we hang out by the pool we call Davy and Yvonne to tell them we won’t be seeing them tomorrow, because we’re going to Los Roques. They’re having a good time and maybe they will visit La Restinga today. Then  we surf the internet for 45 minutes for 4000 Bs (0.6 Euro) and we write an e-mail to Ju, Roel, Mike, Patrick and Maurits. We give them a short extract of how life is here. On we see it is freezing in Belgium at night. Then we swim in the pool and do nothing in the shadow. Well, there is not a lot of sun, the weather does not seem to get better. We eat pasta; we do have all-inclusive: this is the second time already we have lunch here. After lunch we rest on the sunbeds next to the pool and we can get used to this kind of life: do nothing, free food and drinks as many as you like. Perfect! The flight leaving today has not departed yet, but will have a delay of in total 31.5 hours. We stay at the hotel on the sunbeds and start to feel pain of lying all the time. In the afternoon at 16:00 the hotel provides a snack. It’s nothing much, but it tastes good. Today we don’t have any attention for that and we shower and go shopping to go to Los Roques tomorrow. Jippie! We pack the bag pack and ask the reception to wake us up at 05:30 tomorrow morning. Then the second time there’s bad news: the guy at the reception says: Manaña cancellado! Damn, shit, this time apparently because of the weather. We call Ira and she confirmd, but maybe she can book LR on Saturday through another company. She does confirm – depending on Los Roques – we can have the trip to Coche on Sunday, diving Los Frailes on Monday and watch dolphins on Tuesday. We go to the bar to have a drink with Bianca, Ties and Luc and Marian. They will leave Isla Margarita later at 21:15. From that moment the hotel will be primarily taken by Colombians. We have a chat and have fun: there is a downside at this moment: Luc has forgotten his digital camera. He tries trough the reception to get it back from the taxi company, but he does not manage to do so. We have their contact information, so if they return something we will deliver it to them. During dinner Marian was speaking about a dog on the beach that had puppies and also was hungry. That is something you need tot ell to Eef. Tomorrow we will go to the supermarket and buy some dog food. At 09:00 the pick up bus is ready in front of the hotel and now there seems to come an end to their long vacation. They all were nice people. And maybe we will meet again. We drink something on the terrace, already nine candles are burning, that’s a lot. At 22:00 we go to be, we are busy the whole day and are pretty tired.

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Playa El Agua
photo by: Kitta