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Because the trip to Los Roques is cancelled, we get up a bit later today, for Timo that means 07:00 and for Eef 08:00. We have breakfast en check what we can do today. Yesterday we thought about Porlamar, so we will do that then. We take the bus at Boedgon Johnny, the supermarket closeby. The atmosphere on the bus is great, loud salsa and meringue music, love it. When we’re a minute on the bus it starts to rain like hell; the wheather is very bad today. The whole morning there are grey clouds in the sky the sun is almost never visible. The benefit is that despite of it all, the temperatures are very good. The shower stops the same way it started and the music continues – it never stopped anyway. The drive takes about 1 hour and costs 4000 BS, a bit more than 1 Euro for two persons. We arrive in the city and it is very busy, everywhere people walk, everywhere drive cars or stay queue and use the horn constantly. Together with the heat – here the sun is shining – and the exhaust-gases this must be like an average South American city. The bus left us at 100 meter from the Simon Bolivar square and that’s the direction we immediately go. A place in the shadow and everything is OK. In 1 of the high trees Timo sees 5 macaws, that is surprising and very cool. One wouldn’t expect this in a crowdy city like Porlamar, or the animals are tame of course. We walk in the busy shopping streets and are constantly being asked if we need a money change. Here they give 7000 Bs for 1 Euro, so that is where Davy gets his high exchange rate. Here we primarily have shops and we’re not really the shopping type of people, so we take the boulevard to the sea. We arrive in the outskirts of Porlamar and walk criss-cross through the city, always trusting the sense of orientation of Timo. After about 1 hour we stop in a shop with only bikini’s. Eef still needs a new one and we buy 1 for 125000 Bs (17.8 Euro), they had sales and the price was 155000, rally very cheap here. Despite our lack of knowing Spanish we can explain rather well. After that the walk brings us back to the main square and we start looking for a restaurant and something to drink. We see stands with hamburguesa everywhere, but first want to check it out, buy 2 cans of Polar Ice and sit down in the shadow. In the city it is very hot. All the stands are on the road, besides the pavement, but one has a seat next to his stand and not all of them have somewhere to sit. OK, let’s buy one or better two for 9000 each. A hamburger really stuffs your stomach. It contains: meat, ham, cheese, salad, tomato, chorizo, an egg and they are really huge. The guy cuts them in two and even then one half is bigger than a normal burger in Belgium. Actually 1 burger each is too much, but it tastes very well and we both eat it. Then we buy two more beers in a supermarket and the liquid does us well. A cold beer in this heat is very refreshing. It’s already 13:30 and we take the bus back to Playa El Agua. This time the driver leaves the main road and many people get off at San Andres. Until then it was really stressy on the bus. Even on the bench at the end we were sitting with 5 people and 1 woman had a huge bag with her and two giant buckets: it was not really comfortable. We get off at the main bus stop of Playa El Agua at the end of the village and we go to the beach bar on foot. There we drink a few Polar and see that everything is OK. Except for the weather then; because it’s been bad the whole day and still is. The sky is dark grey and the wind blows every hard. Maybe we’re laucky we were not in Los Roques at this moment. We return to the hotel on foot, dive in the pool and rest by the pool. From time to time the sun comes through the clouds every 15 minutes for 5 minutes, so that’s nothing much. We then realize we’re on vacation and in Belgium we would need to work and the temperature is freezing. Then we hear the flight to Amsterdam does not have a delay of 6 hours, but of 22 hours, that’s nice – for those people then. We stay here anther week and drink loads of caipiriña. We will need to kick-off when we’re back. We sit at the bar with Luc and Marian, with Bianca and here father and drink Polar while Eef has cocktails – Tom Collins. At 22:00 we go to the restaurant to eat. Today we have lasagna, but someone has drunk too many cocktails, so we immediately go to our room and sleep, while Timo watches Champions League. We don’t stay up late, so at 21:15 we hit the sack.

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photo by: cosmo