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They forget to wake us, but we had taken that into account. At 06:00 the mobile phone starts beeping to wake us. Right on time. We quickly pack and ask info at the desk of LTA: Linea Turistica Aerotuy. We receive the boarding passes in a small office (only 1 desk) and need to be ready at 07:00 at the airport. Well, airport, if you may say that. From the village a small road comes to the tarmac and there is one waiting room and 1 desk to pay the entrance taxes. We got everything settled now, Timo fetches the bag pack and two vests and then we have breakfast: a sandwich with cheese and cornflakes. Timo squeezes the juice from a few oranges and at 07:00 we ready at the runway. The plane lands at 07:05, all bags are unloaded and our bags are loaded to the plane and at 07:20 we already can leave; if on the flight back to Amsterdam it would work out the same, it would be great. We first fly out a roundabout over the archipelago and enjoy again the splendid view from the airplane. We are impressed; such a gorgeous place on earth. We hope people can keep places like this for the future. We land after an hour in Porlamar and we take the luggage from the airplane and go through the airport. The same guy that brought us is now also waiting. At 10:00 we are at the hotel; it took a long time, because there were a lot of traffic jams. At the hotel there was a note from Ira: delay of 7 hours and another note from Davy and Yvonne. They passed here and wanted to do some more stuff together. We first go to our room to put everything in order and Yvonne calls us. Timo checks on the reception and there they are. We tell then about Los Roques, show the pictures, prepare quickly a bag. Then we are going to say goodbye to the children and the dogs. Around noon we drive to Juan Griego once again, have a hamburguesa and a hotdog. It is very good at a stall along the road. We also buy rum, walk through the streets of the city, we go to all and no directions. It’s nice, our last day. At 13:30 we call Ira to know if the seven hour delay is final and indeed: the plane has left Amsterdam. We need to check out at 13:30. Damn, that’s going to be difficult.  Davy and Yvonne go to collect the kids at the hotel where grandma and grandpa have been and they drop us off at Hotel las Palmeras. The posada on Los Roques had the same name. The goodbye is not pleasant, but this is something that needs to be done. We will see Davy again in May, but Yvonne and the children that will be something else. We wish them the best and then we have to do something that’s not funny either. The time is 14:20 and we need to be out of the room at 14:30. tough luck! The people of the hotel are suddenly not very friendly anymore. We quickly pack, but we don’t stress or at least not too much. We are ready at 15:00 and drop the luggage behind a counter of the reception. We take a swim, take some tan, sun, color for the last 1.5 hour. The hotel as a room where we can take a shower, so we do that, change and go for a walk to the beach. We take a caipiriña with us and go to thank the people from Magic Tours. We stop at Bodegon Johnny for coffee and some souvenirs. We still can drink and eat at the hotel and at 20:30 Ira and the bus arrive to bring us to the airport. We fly at 00:30 to Curacao with the company Rutaca. The airplane for us could not land on Porlamar, so we need to go with another company to Curacao and there the same plane needs to pick up people to Porlamar and there a plane should be ready to bring us to Amsterdam. In the bus Ira is calling whole the time and people start to gossip. The first one is to go to Curacao, then back to Porlamar, the second one is we don’t leave at all and they bring us back to the hotel and so on. The check in procedure takes long, even longer than the check at customs. And then indeed there is a Venezuelan company Rutaca waiting for us to fly us out to Curacao. The flight takes about 1 hour and local time is 02:00 when we land: there is a difference of 30 minutes with Venezuela. Then our flight brings the other people directly to Porlamar and we need to wait more than 1.5 hour for Schiphol. The people leaving from Curacao have numbered seats, the people in transit don’t. it is a fight between everyone to have a good seat. We find one until suddenly two small children pop up. We sit NINE hours with a weeping kid behind us. The parents had nothing to say about those kind of actions of the kids, they could not or did not want to. We even suspect the Dutch couple was not bright enough to do so. Anyway, Timo manages to get some sleep, but Eef does not. We arrive in Amsterdam very tired, after a flight of nice hours. But there all is going very well. We have our luggage quickly and can walk through the customs control and then we need to check on our first train. As it happens always we only have 2 minutes and we can’t make that, so we smoke our last cigarette and eat at Burger King. There is a long queue and as always during this trip when Jean chooses a queue it’s always the wrong one. Anyway we come on time to catch the train to Mechelen and  there Maurits is waiting for us, who will bring us home. A vacation with a lot of making arrangements and a lot of fuzz has come to a good end. We are happy everything is OK and that we could have made the dives, that we could see Los Roques, that we could rest and sunbathe. Also this beautiful event has come to an end.

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photo by: Kitta