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Today we don’t have anything planned, so we sleep long, till about 8. then breakfast and surf the internet. Apparently nobody answered out first mail, so we now send another one. We check some things out and after half an hour and 2500 Bs we stop. We have Pedigree with us, so we walk down the road to the beach, try to call mother Linda, but ‘no connexxion’ today. We walk down the boulevard towards the beach bar and look for the Jack Russell. At first we don’t see anything, but then wee a dog running towards us. This must be the one we’re looking for, so we give her the half kilo of food and watch her eat, almost all at once. Now everybody is happy and we take a picture for Marian. She will be happy too: on the way back to the hotel we meet Ira. She calls the tour operator to check on tomorrow: 99 percent sure it will happen. Great! We stop at the supermarket and then rest at the hotel. Timo drinks Polars, Eef cola and lemonade, she is a bit out of her normal behavior. We have lunch too: small cutlet (Timo) and fish (Eef) with potatoes and a little bit of pasta that they prepare at the moment itself. We sit at the bar and wait for a call from Yvonne to see what we can do together today. We don’t know yet. We sit in the bar and watch the butterflies and the birds. Butterflies are very common here and all different species, all are pretty, white, yellow and orange ones. They’re all rather big and very beautiful, so we found it was worth mentioning. We decide to do a siesta, about an hour or so. It becomes two long hours and we are woken up by the phone. We hear Ira say the trip to Los Roques is cancelled – another time. Fuck, shit, hell and devil, really, really down we call her back to confirm we got the message. Timo asks if she has other possibilities, she hasn’t, but on the beach road there are plenty of tour operators and she says we could try it. So we walk down to the beach and stop at Magic Tours. A young guy – in his twenties – lures us inside, speaks very good English and French. Together with a lady inside behind the counter he looks for a solution to our trouble. The daytrip is no longer available, but the trip for 24 hour is. They perform some phone calls and they book a night in a posada. It is a bit more expensive, 495 Euro, but we’ll make it there, great! We can’t pay with the credit card, so Eef runs like the wind to the hotel to get 500 Euro in cash. In this heat, unbelievable, nice running, because all the offices close in less than half an hour. First Eef runs past the office when she returns, but we’re just in time. We happy! At 06:15 they will pick us up and then we go by plane and then by boat to two different islands and we will stay there for the night. The next morning there will be a flight back to Porlamar. We drink one at the bar and dive in the pool. Then we prepare the bag pack and also the small bag from Eef. Will it work then after all? We ask the reception to give us a wakeup call and they tell us time changed to 04:00. that’s early! So then we go to the bar and we won’t stay p late. Each one of us has a caipiriña at the bar and we enjoy the day, which could be – without delay – our last one here al of a sudden. It’s been quite stressful; we have not yet experienced this during a vacation, but tomorrow will be the grand finale of a beautiful vacation. YES? We drink after dinner another caipiriña on our terrace and go to bed early. Tomorrow: Los Roques

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Playa El Agua
photo by: Kitta