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An early rise today: 03:35. A good thing we had set our alarm, because at the hotel they had forgotten to wake us up. At 03:45 Timo was at the reception and only then the guard was woken up, very nice, almost thé trip of the vacation missed. We wait a few moments and a normal car comes and picks us up. The guard first check out who it is and confirm it’s OK. We drive with a stranger to the airport, this is a little bit creepy. But without trouble we arrive after 30 minutes at the airport, with an average speed of 100 kilometer per hour. The check-in is fast; there are only 20 people for two small airplanes: a Cessna 208B Caravan I. We sit with 9 passengers and 2 pilots in the mini-aircraft. That is an experience on itself. We fly over La Restinga and then over the open ocean, we pass over the island La Tortuga and then start to descend slowly. Through the clouds we can spot small islets like a Caribbean paradise in the sea. All small pieces of land form an archipelago of about 300 islands, all surrounded with a white beach and a blue sea. The view is magnificent. We land after about 1 hour of flight on Gran Roque, the main island and we are welcomed very friendly there. The airplane lands on a mini-runway, stops half way down and returns the same way to the airport building. That is only a kind of kiosk where they welcome us. Everything is ready and we pay 12000 Bs airport taxes in Porlamar and 3800 tax to enter here. It’s a national park, so they need to keep this rather exclusive. José waits for us, already gives us the key of the posada tonight. We dress for a day on the beach, only take our snorkeling gear, passports and money; only the most important things. We have still about 30 minutes of time before departure at 09:00 and we wait for our guide on the beach. Here must be a lot of fish, because hundreds of pelicans and boobies fly into the water to catch them. We enjoy the sight and we stare our eyes out. Along the flood-mark there are plenty of shells and pieces of coral; it is a marvelous sight. The 30 minutes are over almost in a second and we can board the catamaran “Tornado”. It sails with us and about 40 other people to the first island: Francisqui Bay. There we have time to walk on the beach and swim a little bit. At 11:30 we can go snorkeling. With a big group we walk towards the end of the bay, where we can see more corals when we snorkel. Plenty of fish, anemones and we like it here a lot. Timo dives from time to time to take closer pictures of the fish and corals and Eef stays above the water. We snorkel a long time and stay in the water as the last persons in our group. This was very beautiful, now we need to wait what it will be on the photos. Then we walk back to the boat and get lunch: cabbage, fish in tomato-sauce and rice. We started to be hungry already. After lunch we have another half an hour to rest, sunbathe, swim and that is all perfect in this Caribbean atmosphere. In the back of our head we think about the freezing temperatures in Belgium and the heat here. The sea has deep dark-blue parts and other less profound and those parts are turquoise and azure-blue. When the sun plays with the waves, it is a paradise. At 14:00 we sail towards the next stop: Madrisqui. Under a lead sun, we walk along the beach to a settlement that is only inhabited during the season of the lobsters. We wade through the water, the sea connects the two parts and an area with a width of 5 to 10 meters is only half a meter deep. It’s beautiful. We walk through the village and see the people clean and filet fish, we see the cages where they capture the lobster and fish. Suddenly Eef shouts: Dear you have 10 mosquitoes on your back. And then she realizes the mosquitoes are on her body too. Timo kills in one stroke 4 mosquitoes on Eef’s cheek and we run back to the other side of the bay, where the boat dropped us off. At that side there are no mosquitoes and we rest a bit, because we need to come to ourselves. We cool down in the water and luckily the dozen of bites are not really that bad. Eef has two big ones in her face, but in the water they don’t grow. The ones on her legs have grown. We stay in the water the whole time and that is very refreshing. At 15:30 it’s time to return to Gran Roque. Here they give back our bags and we find the room where we will sleep tonight. Small, cozy, clean; it does not need to be more. At our last sunset in Venezuela we write our diary and enjoy the coming and going from the frigatebirds, pelicans, boobies; everything is magnificent. We sit at the beach and enjoy it all. Previously we had explored the village. Very special here are the posada, no roads, but beach and sandy roads and everything is rather well organized. It really is unbelievably worth the visit. Words can’t describe what we’ve seen: al these impressions on 1 day, hopefully the pictures will provide a good idea, but anyway this is a special place that deserves a special place in our hart. Super! We search for the restaurant: they had told us the white building along the beach with blue shutters. There are two exactly alike 20 meters from each other and we are waiting at the wrong place. In the end we reach the correct building and eat and drink something and around 20:00 we go to the room at the posada. They will wake us at 06:00 tomorrow morning and at 07:15 we can fly back to Porlamar. That then will be our last day here, of if there is a delay maybe not yet.

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Los Roques
photo by: Charbelto