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Hotel bar Las Palmeras

Today we don’t want an alarm. Despite this we’re awake at 06:00. This is the normal way; we already saw this in Costa Rica. We get ready and explore the village. We walk out the hotel Las Palmeras and go to the left and hope to find the coast line somewhere here. And indeed after 10 minutes (or only 5) we see the beach: a beautiful sandy beach and alongside there are plenty of palm trees, a really typical Caribbean view. A small disadvantage here: we will not be able to snorkel, because there is too much surf. We walk on the beach and then down the boulevard. A lot of dogs also walk here and there are a lot of birds flying. Yes, thinks Timo – and actually Eef too.

The Playa at Playa el Agua. Caribbean vibes, no?
The condition of the roads is not that good, but that’s typical Latin America. The plants that grow here are not high, only small ones and on the right side we see the sea and on the left side we have a mountain view, magnificent. Everything is also green, except for small white clouds on the slopes of the mountains. Otherwise it’s a blue sky. We walk for about 30 minutes and enter a small street at random and then arrive on the main road. That leads directly to our hotel and we can already have breakfast there now. It is a buffet and we take a kind of red sauce with bread and sausages and ham and cheese with juice, fruit and coffee. The fruits are delicious here: pineapple, watermelon, papaya. The taste is much better than at home: muuuuuuuuuuch better. After breakfast we rest a bit and check out the possibilities of excursions with ArkeFly.
The building of the house in progress
Especially diving, Coche maybe and we should ask information about Los Roques. After our short break we walk back to the beach boulevard. Now we go to the other side and we stop at the market of Playa El Agua. Along the road everybody is selling something: necklaces, T-shirts, statues carved out of wood and all the time we have a great view on the sea. Also we try to stay out of the sun as much as possible, because it’s hot here, even at 10 in the morning. We walk back to the place where the info-meeting is. That is all the way back to the street where our hotel is, so this takes a while. At 10:50 we are there and we watch some birds and trees next to the restaurant La Isla, because the meeting only starts at 11:00. First Ira asks everybody if there are any problems with the hotel.
Family at the beach
Either there are some really bad hotels (leaks and stuff like that) or Dutch people are a bit more picky than we are. We then receive all the info about excursions and do pick up some good info. Tomorrow Ira comes by at our hotel and we then will be able to book Los Roques and maybe some dives or something else. The meeting lasts until 12 and we go back to the hotel, because Davy and Yvonne will come here. We just have ordered at the pool bar some water and Polar and then they arrive: the whole gang: Yvonne, Davy, Roza, Jean, Diana and Victor. They wome to pick us up to swim at Playa Caribe. First we drop off Roza and Jean at the hotel: we were in the car with 6 grown-ups and two children. Suddenly Diana dives under the dashboard, because children are not allowed to sit at the front and we pass a police station just outside Playa El Agua.
Hesperia Hotel. One of the biggest and most luxurious on Isla Margarita
We stop at Felicia’s place, the mother of Yvonne, meet her and then walk to the new house of Yvonne and Davy and the children. It is a big piece of land of 57 by 57 meter and surrounded with a high wall. Their estate is very beautiful. A nice kitchen, nice rooms for themselves and for the kids. And the garden is unbelievably great: there are banana trees, mango’s, sugarcane, pomegranate, cassava; they have it all there. And there was a big surprise: they have four dogs, 1 picked up from the street, 1 German shepherd, and two small ones, like Labradors. They were still very little and that was the biggest surprise: one was named Cartoucho. Great named after our Cartouche. We can eat mango’s and pomegranates, fresh picked from the tree. We quickly visit Felicia again. She was outside a minute ago selling empanadas at her own kiosk. She has two dogs too: a Rottweiler (only two months old, a cute one) and Laika, a street dog with about 7 puppies, that’s beautiful. Also here they give us a snack: boiled backed banana. Then we drive to the apartment of Davy and Yvonne, so they can change clothes. They have a view on the mountains and at the front end of the building they see the bay of Juan Griego: a small paradise on earth: a harbor with plenty of boats and many, many pelicans. In the air plenty of frigatbirds circle: fabulous. Then we quickly grab a snack in a restaurant where Yvonne and Davy usually go: 1 large pizza, 2 spaghetti carbonara, caipiriña and Smirnoff Ice and 2 ice tea. We sit with our feet in the sand, at bout 2 or 3 meters from the sea. Everything tastes very good, much better than at home. It has a lot to do with the fact that we’re on vacation. We talk about how it is here on Isla Margarita and about Sint-Amands, the sporting hall and all our friends there. We have a great time. At about three in the afternoon we go by car to Playa Caribe. There we meet Roza and Jean, who live here at the hotel. We swim in high waves, rather jump towards every wave that smashes down the beach. Everybody is playing except for grandma and grandpa. The current is very hard here and sometimes surprising. Even as a grownup you can’t stay up when a wave hits you or pulls back into the ocean. We have a good time. The water is lovely, the temperature outside is hot and there is a blue sky with from time to time small white clouds, just a gorgeous sight. At about 5 Davy and Yvonne bring us back to the hotel. On the way to the hotel we stop for Polar and to see the sunset. We have a great view on the ‘hotel of my grandpa’, as Victor and Diana calls it, because he works at the hotel. A view on the bay and on the hills surrounding us. Just magnificent. The setting sun disappears a bit too fast after the clouds, making it not a perfect sunset, but a beautiful one. We drive to the hotel – which was not for sale – and we prepare to eat. When we arrived on the island Yvonne told us out hotel was for sale, but it was not true; it was the house next to it. We take a shower and drink 2 caipiriña and Timo writes the trip reports. Suddenly Eef feels the drinks a lot, so we eat something, lots of vegetables with meat sauce and beans. Eef drinks water and Timo the rest of the cocktail. We stay for a while on the terrace with view at the pool and at the Venezuelan band, that just arrived. We drink some more water and Polar and again it is only early when we go to bed: 21:30. We sleep again like rose, tired of what we did today and what we drank.

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Hotel bar Las Palmeras
Hotel bar Las Palmeras
The Playa at Playa el Agua. Caribb…
The Playa at Playa el Agua. Carib…
The building of the house in progr…
The building of the house in prog…
Family at the beach
Family at the beach
Hesperia Hotel. One of the biggest…
Hesperia Hotel. One of the bigges…
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