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Yes, today we will dive the first time in Caribbean. We have breakfast and have a good meal. That way it will work out fine. We pack everything for our dive and put everything in our bag pack. Then we’re ready and we receive a call on our room. There is already the pickup and it’s only 08:45, well on time. We still need to pickup one couple at Hotel Coco Paraiso and that is a Dutch couple that was on our flight. They join us for snorkeling. The boat is already in place at Playa El Tirano, we go there with a small speedboat and then it will take us one hour to get to Los Frailes.  Cool, let’s go. On the way we see ten flying fish, a group of 10 boobies, many frigatebirds and we are well off here. We stop 1 minute to hand over a package to a local fisherman and sail along the rocky coast of Los Frailes. On the cactuses there are many pelicans and frigatebirds. There are also birds with a red throat sack, those are the males during the breading season. That’s great. A species of eagle flies over the rocks and many brown boobies too. We did not spot that before. We first arrive at the dive spot El Infierno. We prepare everything and we go into the water. This dive takes us from here to the corner of the island and then the same way back. Under the surface it is just magnificent, lots of coral, plenty of fish and many many colors. We mention some of the fishes: trumpetfish, parrotfish, snappers, angelfish and many others. It is really great. We dive in-between shoals, the fish don’t seem to be scared of human beings. Timo has the camera with him and takes pictures at will. We are a group of 5: Eef, Timo 1 instructor and 2 Swiss guys, not too many and that’s nice. On many spots you notice the coral has been damaged so we need to pay attention. We swim over rocks and over fields of corals; it is breathtaking. Half way (at 100 bar) we turn and swim back to the boat. It swarms with fish; something like this is unseen for us. We have a good dive, after 45 minutes we come out of the water, which luckily is very warm, so everything is perfect. We had no trouble going down, ears and nose was OK, so everything was perfect. When we arrive back on the boat, we change oxygen and are already ready for the next dive. But first we can eat something. It is plenty and tasty: cutlet, rice, salad, tomatoes, potatoes and as dessert watermelon. We don’t eat too much, because on Rhodes Timo’s stomach was too full, but this time it will be OK. When we are preparing for the next dive someone shouts: “Look dolphins!” and indeed a few meters away from the boat we see a group of dolphins swim by. We think they’re about 6 or 7 adults. It’ s great to see these creatures in the wild. This excursion is a very good one, that’s a sure thing. OK, second briefing: we dive on the same spot and end in the next bay. We dive with the same people in our buddy team and now the camera stays on board. Timo can now enjoy even more than the first dive: red fishes, nice colors looks like a rainbow. Also now we see the same species, 1 cuttle-fish and especially many yellow fishes, they always are visible in complete schools. The blaze of color is huge, small yellow with a black dot, complete black, fully red, blue, all colors can be seen here. This dive goes directly to the boat, lasts 46 minutes and is as beautiful as the first one. We are well trimmed out, closely watch each other, we’re getting close to perfection. When we’re back, everybody is already there, so the dive of the other group (three people) took about the same time as ours. 2 people snorkeling are still in the water and when they come out the boat can leave immediately. It takes about an hour again and at 15:15 we are back on the island. Here in the harbor we need to wait on the pick-up bus. At this moment there is nothing much to see, the fishermen and vultures of this morning have left and we can only wait. At 15:50 an obscure van arrives and brings us to the hotel. The bus is almost falling apart, like most of the cars here too. Everything is broken or almost broken. The cars would not pass the checks at all. They’re all old American cars, but all fallen into pieces. We are back at the hotel at half past four and we rinse everything and take a shower. Then Eef has the idea she needs to call, so we go out looking for a cheap phone. Right across the hotel the phone is broken, so we try it at the beach. There we don’t receive connection, so we will need to send a message, while we drink caipiriña, watch the pictures and write the reports. We have 4 caipiriña and sit at the bar until we can go to eat something. A small anecdote: on the boat to Los Frailes Eef had an headache, no migraine, but normal ache. The problem got solved, when she loosened the strings on her hat, well done baby… After dinner we see a live band at the hotel. We are close to the atmosphere. We enjoy it very much: 1 harp, 1 bass, 1 ukulele, 1 singer and 1 guy who gives the pace with samba balls. It is very nice, but a bit too busy because we are too close. After about 5 songs they take a break and we move to the balcony with view on the pool and the band. We drink some more Polars, light our candles and enjoy the second round of the band. We stay up until 22:00.

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photo by: Kitta