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Damn, damn, bad weather today. Will the dive take place, it’ already the forth day in a row bad weather and rainy. We fear the worst. We are already thinking about a backup plan – rent a car and drive round the island. At 09:30 they still have not picked us up and we quickly call Ira. She confirms that we will be picked up soon, but they’re having some trouble with other people at the different hotels. We go to our room, get our gear and at 09:45 the old bus arrives to get us. At the harbor there are high waves, everybody is on board, but we can’t leave yet. The boat is full, 32 people in total; that is too much. There are high waves and the boat is rocking like a roller coaster. We fix our eyes right in front of us and neither one of us gets seasick, unlike a couple of Germans, they are hanging overboard. After one hour we arrive on Los Frailes, now first on the island on the left side, the previous dives were on the island on the right. Everything is prepared and we go into the water. Timo has trouble sinking and returns to the boat to collect two additional pieces of lead. The guide of Scuba Pelicano did not really know, which blocks weighed how much, apparently Timo took 2 kilo too few and now he manages to dive under water and we can move on. We did not know where we had to look first – the corals are beautiful, the fish marvelous and they come in that high numbers, really beautiful, a pity the sun is not shining, because that would make it even better. We dive close to a wall until 100 bar and then return the same way and surface at 50 bar. Worth mentioning: 1 barracuda and 1 giant dorada, the rest we will need to identify from the pictures and from our memory. To be continued. At 50 bar we are right under the boat, Timo again was the first one to reach 50 bar. Eef and Timo rise as the first ones and the guide and the three Swiss people stay on the bottom for about three minutes longer. Timo changes bottles and then we have lunch: 1 small piece of chicken, a whole pile of rice, salad, tomato and 1 piece of watermelon; we did not really like it – very greasy – and we don’t eat very much. The weather does not get better, because it starts to rain. The diving guide says this is because of a hurricane on the Dominican Republic, it is supposed to get better one of the next days. The boat moves to the other side of the island on the right and we have a drift-dive. It is really hectic when we need to enter the water, because they are scared to hit the rocks and reef. We go down directly to 16 meter, everybody follows OK. Here we see some lost cages. These were used to catch fish and scrape oysters from the bottom. Also in this area there is some current. We’re relaxed, so everything goes well; we enjoy it and don’t bother about the hectic when we started. For us – not really experienced divers – this is paradise. Loads of fish, many beautiful colors, a grace for the eye. We enjoy it all and we are pretty hard impressed, the splendor of colors, the amount of fish. And then we think that there are even more beautiful places on earth to go scuba diving. For us this is really something and we won’t easily forget the four dives on Los Frailes. After about one hour we go up again, because we have 50 bar, Eef has 60, so well done Timo. We come to the surface – a few meters earlier the guide went up too, to check the direction and we swam ever further from the boat away. “Ich habe das Boot verpasst” was the only thing he could say. We palm in the direction of the boat and he raises an inflatable emergency tube in red. They have seen it and come for the rescue and immediately we leave to the mainland and all goes well. On the boat there was a photographer with another diving school with real professional equipment, maybe he is someone famous. The van is waiting for us this time and we can get off first at our hotel. Shower, logbooks, diary and (s)cuba libre. Tasty! After a day of diving you’re always tired, so we don’t hold on too late today. Two Polars on our terrace and then sleep. A special note on the dive: a certain moment we saw a stone statue of Maria on the bottom. Nice to make such a discovery.

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photo by: Kitta