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Rise and shine together with the sun. We didn’t think it would be that easy, but we have no problems with the hour differences, or with rising early and getting to bed early. Maybe returning from here back to Belgium will be a bigger problem. We hadn’t unpacked a lot of things, so we didn’t have to pack a lot. That was easy. We’re ready at 06:45, but breakfast is only served from 07:00, so we go for a stroll and we take some more pictures. Then breakfast: fruit, bread, eggs, rice, coffee, and juices. At 08:00 we leave for Tamarindo. First we need to take the bad road to Liberia, arrive there at 08:45 and at 10:15 we arrive in Tamarindo, again the last few kilometers were over very, very bad road. A short search for the hotel, but find it rather easily. They give us bungalow 314, with a mega-bed, big bathroom and very big bath. Safe, mini-bar, air conditioning, TV, everything is present. This is an ideal way to ending a fantastic vacation. We unpack and at 11:00 we go out to the beach that is very close by. Magnificent, beautiful, unbelievable. We walk to the direction out of Tamarindo and stop for a swim. It is just paradise here. We spot a lot of brown pelicans. After 2 hours we leave the beach and decide to go and visit the village. We stop at the supermarket ‘Dos Piños’ and drink some lemonade and water, we’re very thirsty. Then we try to get money and this time it works. I haven’t seen such a high-tech machine, not even in Belgium: it welcomes us by displaying my name in the screen. We receive the money and get our card back. Cool. We walk around in the village, buy postal cards, cigars, a few souvenirs. We eat a very tasty hamburger at a local bar/restaurant. Just a note: this is the first time we have lunch in Costa Rica, except for the day in Lagarto Lodge. We return to the hotel and buy some beer and water to take. Back in the bungalow we take a shower, wash our hair (yes, we have a hairdryer) and we’re ready at 16:30 to go back to the beach. We see a lot of pelicans and a lot of small crabs, which disappear, when you come too close. We enjoy the beautiful sunset. At 17:30 the sun has set. We stay out on the beach a little longer and start our aperitif on our terrace. At 19:00 we go to the restaurant. Timo has tuna fish with a red pepper sauce; Eef has fish goulash, very strong and with a lot of beans. Before this a cesar salad. We’re tired, but we enjoyed this beautiful day, we go back to the 314, watch some television and go to sleep at 21:00. At 21:00 someone rings at the door?????? We did not sign the paper for our order at the hotel restaurant. We close our eyes again and go back to sleep. Zzzzzz.

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