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Laguna del Lagarto Lodge

At 05:00 in the morning Timo is already awake. He decides to go out at 05:30 for a stroll (with his digital camera’s). When he hears the sounds, he is sure he in Central America, even in the city of San José he can hear jungle noises, marvelous. He is out for about an hour and a half and he enjoys it very much. For a person, that loves birds: “Pleasure Overload”. Take a shower, eat breakfast: eggs, hot tomato sauce, rice and black beans. We make sure we’re ready, wait a little while in the lobby, check the maps and travel guides we have. At 08:45 the guy from Adobe (car rental) comes to give us the car we ordered upfront. All is OK pretty soon; the guy is very friendly and gives us some advice. At 09:30 we can take the Daihatsu Terios direction Poas Volcano. Entry costs 6 $ per person and 2 $ for parking the car. We arrive there at 11:00 without getting lost, which was not without effort, because the signs, that are available, sometimes point in completely wrong directions. We first visit the small museum, but this is not really worth visiting. Everything displayed is old and explanation is only in Spanish. Then we take the path to the crater, about 600 meters. We can see the crater very good, although it is very humid and misty. We just have to wait for a few minutes for the clouds to disappear. After seeing the crater, we take the path further down to Lake Botos with only rainwater (so no stinking fumes here). From here a special trail (Escalonia) leads through the rainforest and it ends out on the parking lot, so we take this instead of walking the same way back. We see a lot of squirrels here, a lot of birds and the first hummingbird. Total coolness. We walk the trail and enjoy the surroundings and nature and we arrive at the parking lot around 13:00. We start drinking a lot of water, because temperature is rising quickly. Passing through San Miguel we drive to Pital. On the way to Pital we stop to see a stunning waterfall (Cascade de la Paz). So far so good. We arrive in Pital around 15:00 and there the round ends, also according to the map. We need to take a good gravel surfaced road from Pital to Boca Tapada. We know we have to take this road, this is the only way to get there, for about 28 kilometers to Boca Tapada and then an even smaller road (?) brings us another 9 kilometer to the Lodge. We arrive finally after a breathtaking trip at the lodge at 16:30. The nature is wild there and also the road can be classified as rough. We saw a lot of birds on the way and also some pineapple plants. We really are now in the middle of nowhere, at the end of the world. People at the lodge are very friendly and they give us room 20. Not very luxurious, but the rooms are clean. We leave our luggage in the room and go to the terrace to drink a beer, 2 Pilsen. We are no longer thirsty. At 17:30 we go out to take a shower, because one hour later we can go and have dinner: chicken, hearts of palms, manioc, green beans, carrots with a very tasty sauce, typical Costa Rican. For desert: what else is possible here, we already saw it along the road: pineapple! We now drink Imperial (La Cerveza de Costa Rica). Then we have the choice to join a group of people to go out and feed the caiman. We’re not yet too tired, so we follow our guide. Jozefien, Fraulein, Mein Hund and some others, they all receive raw chicken. They just crawl out of the pond surrounding the lodge and we’re surprised, when a big animal suddenly is only about 1 meter away from you. If they notice too much movement or sudden noises, they quickly dive back into the pond. Also the ‘house frog’ wants to get his picture taken. A tree frog lives inside a terrarium at the lodge and needs to show himself one time a day for the tourist. At the same time nice and cute, but not that good for the animal. We take the animal on our hand, even Eef does that. The frog has wonderful colors and very long and slim legs. After this adventure we take a beer to our personal terrace and enjoy it there. It is only 20:15 and we’re already very, very tired, so we go to bed early at around 21:00. We will notice this will be the case more often. You live differently at home as here. Get up at 06:00 and go to bed at 21:00. In the middle of the night we wake up and it rains unbelievably hard. Rain in the rainforest. That’s a special experience!

bluegreen28 says:
Great post with info, thanks a bunch. There isn't that much on the lodge and this is helpful. Can't wait!
Posted on: Jan 14, 2010
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Laguna del Lagarto Lodge
Laguna del Lagarto Lodge
Boca Tapada
photo by: Exciterte