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This night we have been awake a lot of times, but we at least saw the volcano completely from top to bottom. The night was quite clear and we saw it without a single cloud. Beautiful! We wake up early and we hope to see the volcano clearly again this morning. Noooot! We make ourselves some coffee and try to spot the volcano between the clouds from our terrace. Nothing to see up till now.  We drink our coffee and go for breakfast later on: eggs, rice and beans, bread, a pretty and delicious buffet. During breakfast clouds disappear a bit and we see Arenal with only a small piece of cloud. Cool! Now we can leave relieved, having seen the volcano, to Caño Negro. Yesterday we were still in doubt if we would go out to the reserve or stay to see the Arenal. What if the volcano would only be visible for a few minutes and we would be in Los Chiles. And another risk: what is we stayed in La Fortuna to see the volcano and it would not become visible, then we would miss out on the reserve of Caño Negro. Everything is OK now. We saw the volcano and we have time and gasoline to drive to Los Chiles. By 09:30 we leave the hotel and La Fortuna and take the road to the north for 120 kilometers, near the border of Nicaragua, now a bit more to the west than in Boca Tapada. We do the distance in 1.5 hour and arrive at 10:00 in Los Chiles. The road to Los Chiles is very good; this is for this time a good experience! In Los Chiles a Costa Rican asks us if we want to see the Rio Frio with himself as a guide: 16$. All right. Let’s go. We travel over the river very, very slowly, but the advantage is, that we see a lot more animals than the time before in the Lagarto Lodge. It starts with two kingfishers, and a few cormorants. We travel along the riversides of the Rio Frio and spot a lot of caiman, lizards (Jesus Christ, they call it basilisk), monkeys (howler and spider monkeys), white herons, iguana’s and some vultures in the sky. In this slow way we sail on the river. A bird, that is a relative of the quetzal, a kind of heron, that has a very thick beak a lot of lizards, caiman and iguana’s. Just before we stop we see a sloth with a little baby, which is a beautiful sight! We enjoy every second we’re here. We stop at a farm along the river and walk around there and see a big iguana and some fish from the river, living here in a basin: carfish? What I could find on the internet it will probably be the alligator gar. A bit later we leave for the real reserve of Caño Negro, but this time of year it is not much. It is only a small plain of swamps, but in the wet season the water rises to 2 meters higher than now. Then only way of checking that out is by boat. Now the boat only can go a few meters and then we return. We stop to pay our trip. It is sixty $ and not sixteen $, a little misunderstanding. But the trip was worth even the 60 $, so that was no problem. He returns a bit faster, than we came, stops a few seconds at a tree with bats in there. Then he goes to a beautiful tree, cuts one of the fruits (looks like a banana) and cuts it and does some things with it. Eef needs to hold it in her hand and Timo has to tear the top off. A beautiful flower appears: the national flower of Nicaragua. Investigation on the net has provided info, that this flower (pachira) is not the national flower of Nicaragua. We go back all the way to Los Chiles and there take the car back to La Fortuna. We see that the car was unlocked all the time we were on the boat. This is something we need to be careful about. We drive back to La Fortuna and try another time to withdraw some money, but we’re not lucky again. In the bank it takes too long; people there look at going to the bank as a social happening, but for me it is just a way of quickly having some money. So we return to the hotel. A quick swim and look at the Arenal, then we take an aperitif write our daily reports and go out for dinner. There is a very good buffet again, almost the same food is served as yesterday. We like it, eat everything we get and go back to our bungalow to sleep, hopefully we sleep better than yesterday.

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La Fortuna
photo by: jeannajumps