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The hanging bridges of Monteverde

Rise and shine very early as we’re already used to do every day since we arrived. Sun rises at 05:30, so then you’re awake. Timo takes a stroll through the garden in search for some hummingbirds and parrots. It is no problem at all to see some of them right here. We pack the bag packs; Eef woke up as well by now and we go out for breakfast, where we meet again with the same birds from yesterday: parrots, toucans… It looks like the most normal thing in the world by now, but it really is not. We enjoy every moment of our time here. It is too much to describe in words. We eat cheese, fruits and some bread. After breakfast we write something in the guestbook and go to pay our bill (148 $) and we leave the lodge for a nice trip of 2 hours over the same road as we came here. Around 08:00 we’re off and it is raining, that is not that good, but then again, we’re still in Costa Rica. We drive again along the plantations of pineapple and yucca. There are a lot of jacanas on the road (looks like a moorhen); a complete family. Next to that there are a lot of cows (we call them ‘zeboes’) and white heron as we thunder over the road. It takes about 1.5 hours again to reach Pital. There we take the road to La Fortuna and Volcano Arenal. A big red road on the map and everything is going smooth. We pass along a lot of plantations and see a lot of vultures circling high in the air and some of them are just at the side of the road. We choose not to stay in la Fortuna and check out the Arenal, off course not, we will come here again in a few days. Here we need to take a small road along the south of Lake Arenal to drive to Monteverde. We do not follow the road to Arenal itself, but take the other side. We drive for about 20 minutes with an average of 20 km pre hour, up and down, up and down, but then reach a point, where a tree is preventing us to continue the same trail. So we turn around and we think it is a good thing it is happening now and not within 2 hours or so. We return to the good red road, drive around Lake Arenal to reach Tilaran. This road is supposed to be a good one, but it is not at all: a lot of holes in the road, so we’re obliged to drive slowly and very carefully. The 41 kilometers take about 2 hours of our time. It is raining, it is dark and that makes it even more difficult. Thick fog, rain, very hard wind, not a good thing at all. And it will probably be for the rest of the day like this. It is nice we do not stay in La Fortuna today, because you don’t see anything, not the volcano, no nothing. It is pretty dangerous to just drive there. We have a halt in Tilaran a look for something small to eat: apples, bananas and toast bread. A short break and then off to Santa Helena and Monteverde. We take a wrong turn, only for 20 meters and a jung Costa Rican says it is not easy to find and sells us a ‘detailed’ map how to get there. He was just kidding, because all turns were indicated very clearly from this point on. We even suspect them of removing the signs, so they are able to sell their maps. He says we have supported the construction of a school with the money, so we have done well. Now it goes up and down, just like the road to Pital this morning, but now wet and slippery with fog and sometimes very steep. We have a 4x4 and we need it. Normally tourists need approximately 3 hours to get there; we arrive in Santa Helena after 2 hours, search for 20 minutes for the hotel, where we arrive at 16:00. A good reception. We receive a cocktail with rum and they bring us to our room then. While we drink the cocktail we receive a lot of information, what excursions we can take tomorrow. Now we first take a rest and then we go out to check out the village. We walk down and pass by the ‘Frog Pond’. We take about one hour of time to visit the frogs, toads and a guide gives us some explanation about the animals. The explanation consists most of the time of locating the frogs and telling us what kind of animals is in there. Cool. Seeing the frogs in the rainforest was a bit cooler, because we saw the animals in their naturals environment. We go on to the village, buy some cigars and go back to the hotel. It is already dark and we’re hungry. Right on the other side of the hotel there is a pizzeria. We enter there and first have a salad (for 2) and then a pizza vegetariana (Eef) and Sea bass (Timo). The food is good and not expensive. After dinner we go back to the hotel and book a guided trip for tomorrow. They will take us to the Santa Helena Cloud Forest, there we can do a ‘skywalk’, exhibition “Jewels of the rainforest” and “The Hummingbird Garden, especially for Timo. In the room we install the net against mosquitos, smoke a cigar and go to bed early again, around 21:00.

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The hanging bridges of Monteverde
The hanging bridges of Monteverde
photo by: smhirsch