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After a bad night because of a bed, that was too short and not wide enough, we needed to sleep with 2 in 1 bed off course, we get up at 07:45, a bit later, than normal. We’re surprised it’s already this late in the day and start to pack our things. We put everything in the car and go for breakfast. Everybody was very friendly; indeed yesterday we had a menu of 150$ (lobster and caipirinha’s) and gave them a 3$ tip. The breakfast is pretty quick, bread, juice, coffee, chocolate cake, breakfast cookies and cheese. We pay the bill and leave the hotel around 08:45. We don’t drive to Tilaran now, but we take the road to Las Juntas. The road is not even better, than the other one, but it takes us much faster to the Interamericana. We reach the ‘highway’ at 10:00 and drive direction San Ramon. Eef is only behind the wheel as the police already make us stop.  Damn. She should not drive, because we only can have 1 driver: we had to pay extra to make sure we could drive the both of us and now the police stops us. But this is not what it’s all about: she was driving at 82 kilometers per hours and the allowed speed was 80. A fine of 10.000 colones or 20 $ is what this costs us, pay immediately, no mercy. Drive carefully! We drive on and have some traffic jams, because they are repaving the road. In San Ramon we take the red road north to La Fortuna, the roads are very steep and we have some problems on the way to La Fortuna with the car, cooling system is not working properly. We’ll take a look later on. We locate the hotel Lomas Del Volcan pretty easily and check in already at 14:00. We get bungalow 309, the last one on the hotel grounds. Cool, 2 giant beds en a very big hotel room and two terraces: one at the front to watch the monkeys and a second with volcano view. We don’t see the volcano however due to the low clouds, hopefully we can see it later today or tomorrow. We unpack our things (+/- 15:00) and go for a swim (cold) and a bubble bath (hot). After an hour we’ve had it, our hands are completely wrinkled and we go to our room completely relaxed. We take a shower, buy 4 beers (Pilsen) en drink them on our terrace surrounded with birds and monkeys. Paradise part II (part I was Laguna del Lagarto Lodge). At 18:00 we go down to eat, but the buffet will only be ready in one hour, so we drink another 2 beers. We have soup, a mixed salad, pasta with tomato sauce, rice with hearts of palms, fish with nice vegetables and chicken Costa Rica. A lot and very tasty.  We don’t want any desert. We return to our terrace and drink the last beer we have in the fridge. Very tired we go to bed. At 01:00 we are awake again and see the volcano clearly without any clouds. Everything clear, fantastic view from our bed! We’re too tired to get out and there are too much mosquitoes.

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La Fortuna
photo by: jeannajumps