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We got up as last people of the whole group, but it still was only 10:00, so it was still not that long we slept. We have breakfast; there is nothing much, but that is typically Greece and we’re already used to it. There are no real plans for the day, we start the day with a walk in the town. We walk to the sea, only 100 meters from Vassilis place and then take the boulevard along the harbor; it’s a pretty town Karystos with a lot of nice terraces, a castle and a nice harbor. We walk away from the water and go into town, then cross the town and end up at the beach again. Just outside the center is a nice sandy beach. We have gone on our own: Eef, Linda and Timo; just to be away a bit from the busy and noisy other persons. We need to get away from all fuzz, because it was quite of a chock in Athens. In the meantime Patrick went to Marmari to pick up Koen and Iris; they only arrived this morning. We sit in a bar and drink frappe. It’s is quite an expensive one, but this is the best we had so far. When we return to Vassilis, it’s already 14:00 and we go to have lunch in the harbor with the whole group (15 people). Now we can order a lot of different dishes and taste all of them at the same time.  There are Greek salads, octopus in redwinesauce, calamari, tzatziki, and taramasalata. It tastes very good and does not cost that much. We drink ouzo and water with it. Then it is time to lie down and that we do apart from the rest on the big sandy beach not far from Vassilis. We’re almost alone there, apart from some Greek guys and that’s it. The other group was on another beach with rocks, but there were a bit too much of sea urchins; that’s why we were on the other beach. They only lie in the sun, we go into the water too. We snorkel a bit, rest some time and completely relaxed we return to Vassilis. Before it al starts some of us have given Patrick and Linda a few things to do. They did not have a bachelor event, so this is happening now. After that Vassilis looks after the food on the BBQ.  At 22:00 he starts to prepare the meat. We already have an aperitif and some small snacks. Rita and I are the only ones drinking ouzo and the rest has wine. They bought about 20 liter, when they had diner last night. The food Vassilis is making is just GREAT. The best pieces of the pig, well spiced with nice thick fries and a lot of tzatziki. There is a good atmosphere with the Greek music, nice food, and good drinks. At about 01:00 some give up and then regularly some go to bed. We stay awake the longest together with Vassilis and Tatjana. It’s almost day, as it is six inn the morning. It was good and so we go to bed also.

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