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Today is the big day. We leave to see the largest and longest gorge in Europe (so the Greek tell), SAMARIA. At 05:30 we get up, prepare everything, water, lunch (bread and cheese), cola, sugar and biscuits of LU. These are all things we can’t miss, when we’re going for a 16 kilometer descent. We arrive punctual at the Alpha Bank, where we leave for Samaria. There are already a lot of people on the bus, so the bus drives off on time. We receive an explanation in English and in French. Apparently it is a Greek girl. Surprising: a Greek that speaks languages that good. Important for us was: we had heard the name kri-kri already a few times and did not know, what is meant. It is the special kind of goats that run around in the gorge. We drive for about an hour to the village called Omalos; here we stop for breakfast, because nobody had the time to eat in the hotel. About ten minutes later we arrive at the beginning of the gorge. At 07:50 we start the descent. Let’s go! The first views are astonishing: a steep ride down for 4 kilometers. Just stairs, so that is a bit dull and dangerous with the rocky soil. We don’t go very fast, but keep a good pace. The first few times we stop to get a drink, because it is pretty hot. We have lunch at Samaria Village, then we are already past the first half: bread, cheese, cola and biscuits. After 10 kilometers and about three hours of walking we arrive at the most beautiful point of the gorge. We have enjoyed a really magnificent walk until now, but the best place is down here. First we see the rock walls about 20 meters apart and that’s already a great sight. We start to take a lot of pictures, and then suddenly the digital camera breaks down. We try to fix it, but no luck. We enjoy the gorge then without taking any pictures and follow it to ‘The Iron gate’. This is the most famous place inside the gorge; you see it on postal cards and so on. We keep on walking, it is even hotter than earlier, really very hot, almost 87 degrees Celsius. Once we have left the gorge through a kiosk there is a concrete road to Aja Roumeli, the village at the Libyan Sea. We quickly stop to have a drink and then move on to tavern ‘Artemis’ to have a Greek salad. We both feel pain in our legs and feet; you should not underestimate this trip. Timo wades in the sea to get his feet cooled down and feels a lot better after he has clean socks. Then we need to wait until we can take the boat out of here and waiting takes a long time. We try to enjoy the time here and look back onto a nice trip through the gorge.  We’re really tired and love the thought we can lie down on the boat to Sougia; we even fall asleep for an hour. Then we can get off the boat and on the bus for another two hour drive. The guide tells about the little chapels along the road (to honor people, who had an accident here) and about olives and oranges and other typical Greek stuff. We take a detour to drop off other people at their hotel and arrive back in Chania around 20:30. We go immediately out to eat something at a fast-food restaurant (chicken burgers and normal hamburgers with fries). Then we can finish up our day, because we’re tired, but had a really good day. We take a shower, rest a bit and prepare our bag pack for tomorrow, because it is our last evening in Chania. Tomorrow we have to pick up our car in Agia Marina, about 15 minutes away by bus. At 23:00 we go to bed, hopefully our legs don’t hurt too much.

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photo by: peterbc2