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After a long and good night (till 08:30) we get up and have a very tasty breakfast on the balcony. Timo boils water in the common kitchen downstairs and Eef prepares our breakfast: marmalade, cheese, toasts and coffee from a little jar of Nescafe. We do it all very slowly and enjoy every single moment. By 10:00 the dishes have been washed, the bag pack is done and we’re already on the road to Rethymnon. We take the highway to the city and after about one hour we’re there. It is about 62 kilometer and for driving through the mountains it’s not too bad. Yesterday we drove 185 kilometers and today we will add another 155. We easily find our way through the business of the town and park the car on a car park just next to harbor. We walk into town to the Venetian fortress and visit it. We’re lucky today, because entrance is free. It has a great view, but when it comes to buildings and findings it is nothing much. There is a cathedral and remains of old walls. It is hot here, so we don’t stay there too long. We walk back down and arrive in the small old Venetian port. It looks quite cozy, but there are too many tourists here for us. In all the restaurants the fish and calamari are waiting for the tourist to pass along. It’s really a spectacle to see all this. There even is an old Greek, who takes a whole fish of 1.5 meter big on his motorbike. A bit further is the beach and that is also nice, but we don’t have time to stay on the beach. We walk through the streets, pass churches and a mosque. We stop for a moment in a small shop and buy tomatoes, fruit, bread and water. We need water, because we drink a lot due to the heat. On a small square near the sea we take our time to eat the bananas, the bread and the tomatoes. It’s only 11:30, but we already have lunch, because it is still quite a drive to the monastery of Arkadi. After half an hour we leave from Rethymnon, get away from the business of the town and drive direction Heraklion on the highway. We drive past the exit and take the next one and drive through small villages up to the monastery. Fifteen minutes later we’re there and drink a retsina on a terrace. It is unbelievably hot here, but we like it a lot. The white stones and the white sand almost make people go blind. Also the monastery is free to visit today, we burn a candle in the little, but beautiful church: to our grandparents. We look at all the icons and the church and buildings and don’t stay here too long. Timo wears a long-sleeved T-shirt and he sweats like hell. Then we go back to the car and drive home to Aja Galini. At first we’re using a small road, but once we passed by Rethymnon we’re following the same highway as this morning. We’re back at 16:00 and take a refreshing dive in the Libyan Sea. We walk 200 meter down to the beach, swim and let us float on the water. We’re not lying down, because that’s too dangerous even in the sun in the evening. We rinse the salt of our bodies and have a cup of coffee in our room. We can make the coffee ourselves in the kitchen and take it upstairs to our balcony. Then it is time again for a break, we’re tired so we sleep a bit. It should not be underestimated to drive that far in the mountains of Crete. At 18:00 it is not that hot anymore and we have a late siesta.  At 19:30 we can’t sleep any longer; we have new neighbors, people speaking French, who make a lot of noise. So we go down to the centre of the town. Near the sea there is not a lot of wind at this moment and we can enjoy our food here. As appetizers we have Greek specialties (tzatziki, dolmades, cucumber, tomato and two salads we don’t know), then we have calamari (Eef) and spaghetti (Timo). We take our time and drink Mythos and can return satisfied back to the hotel. There we stay a while with some retsina and a cigar. We briefly discuss the plans we have for the next few days. Can we do this or that? We decide to keep it as it is. At 23:30 we go to sleep.

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Agia Galini
photo by: aloneinthecrowd