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We’re awake very early today. Timo did not sleep well tonight, but we will have some time to rest today. We take our time for breakfast: coffee, cheese, marmalade and tomatoes with bread. After breakfast Eef starts packing and Timo goes down to the centre to withdraw some money. There is only one bank and one place where he can get money, but he manages to withdraw 500 Euro. We pay our bill at the hotel (80 Euro and a 5 Euro tip) and leave Aja Galini. We quickly buy some water and then can start driving to the north. We take some kilometers the same road as we did yesterday to Festos, drive past the excavations of Gortys and drive on to Ierapetra. After yesterday we’ve had seen enough sites and therefore don’t visit Gortys. The first village is Pirgos. In that part of Crete it’s very difficult to find the right way, but we finally manage, direction Ano Vianos. This is supposed to be a quick and peaceful village, but there are a lot of busses, so we just follow our way to Ierapetra. Timo thinks he has found a nice stop in the village of Mirtos. We try to reach it via a small road to Gdochia, but this road quickly disappears. Turn back and via the main road to Mirtos. It is indeed very nice: a small village with a short sea-bank. In one of the taverns we spend some time to eat: it’s 12 o’ clock and we have driven pretty fast. Eef has spinach pies and Timo calamari. Very good and a nice place along the beach. Off course we have a bottle of wine with it. We stay here for about an hour and then move on. We take the main road to Ierapetra and now it goes faster. Between Pirgos and Mirtos the driving conditions were not always good, because off the steep slopes, but now the road is in a valley and we move on quickly. In the distance we see the glass from the greenhouses, where they grow vegetables and which has made this part of Crete famous. Here a thousand tomatoes and cucumbers grow. You can see a lot of trucks and pickups driving back and forth loaded with tomatoes, even complete trucks including trailer are loaded with vegetables. From here it’s not far anymore. In 15 minutes we cross the island from the south to the north. Here we choose the road to Sitia and a few kilometers further we take a turn to Mochlos. It’s beautiful here. Magnificent view on the coast of Agios Nikolaos, but also on the rocky coastlines on the other side. A small road leads us 5 kilometer on to Mochlos. We park the car at the beginning of the village and search for a place to sleep on foot. In about 10 minutes we walk through the village – it’s really, really small, normally only 70 people live here – and then we choose to ask at Sofia’s, as was mentioned in Trotter. Tonight we sleep in a room with one huge bed, a little terrace and sea view (28 Euro) and tomorrow and the next days we have a bigger room with a big balcony, big bed and direct sea view (30 Euro). This means we have to move all our stuff tomorrow, but we don’t mind. It’s only through the hallway. In front of Mochlos there is a small island that you can almost reach swimming. Maybe we should try it out. We go back to get the car, park it near the hotel and bring all our stuff to our room. This is just great! At the reception we get our explanation in Dutch again, this time not Flemish, but a woman from Holland. We lie down for a while and wait to see what the rest of the day will bring and get some rest – we need to make sure we don’t leave Crete tired. At around 18:00 we prepare ourselves for an aperitif. We go and have a drink at the neighbor’s: ouzo and olives, even 2 ouzo. This costs us 12 Euro, but “Money is not an issue”, when we’re on vacation. Afterwards we eat something at Sofia’s. They give us a menu, but we’re invited to the kitchen to choose something ourselves: 3 dishes for both of us. We have ‘octopus in won juice’. This really is octopus prepared in its own black juice, read ink. Then we have a dish with only vegetables: flowers from cabbage, potatoes and zucchini. Eef also takes bean soup. We stay a while for a drink and go to bed pretty early. But first we have a drink on our balcony and a cigar. We try to sleep, but it’s not easy, because there are a lot of mosquitoes here. Finally it works out and we fall asleep.

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photo by: travelman727