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The day of the lumps! This might sound a bit without respect, but that’s how we call it. We go to see lumps (archeological sites) today. There are three sites we’re going to see today, one better than the other. We have breakfast with what we still have left: everything was cool in the refrigerator in our room. We slept a bit longer than normal; it’s 08:30 when we get up. We leave at ten and drive to Timbaki and Mires. From there we have the intention to go to Lendas. Via a small detour this works out fine. But it is not easy to find the way: the road leads us through little villages and over a mountain higher than 1000 meter, so again we drive up and down. It goes very slowly, the average speed is about 40 or 50 kilometer per hour. After an hour in the car we arrive at Lendas. We have driven a long time and there is nothing more than on mosaic and 2 marble pillars. In the village itself three are also some pillars and something that looked like a wall. So with this experience we leave Lendas and drive to Kali Limenes to reach a monastery and then Festos. It all starts well, but then the road disappears and turns into a dusty road with stones, rocks and sand; up and down very steep through the mountains. We think (and hope) that it will not be that long and just follow the same path. In the end it still was 10 kilometers further the same road condition, so a bit longer, than we hoped. When we’re back on a good road we have a choice: either we follow on as planned with the same road condition ahead or we make a detour with a good road. So we follow the good one and arrive on the same highway we left behind us almost half a day ago. We’re a little irritated and tense with taking the wrong way and due to the heat and the efforts to go to Lendas. Lendas is not worth the tour, but when it comes to nature and birds (Timo’s specialty) it could be worth it. Larks and great eagles fly around here. According to Trotter these are Eastern Imperial Eagles, but we can’t recognize them as they are flying too high. We drove off the highway and follow direction Aja Triada, where we have the second site of the day and the better one. A ticket for both Festos and Aja Triada costs 6 Euro. Just before this we stopped at a supermarket “Champion” to buy some food. Sandwich with cheese and sausages. On a pick nick spot with view on the site of Aja Triada we have our lunch with some cola; this sometimes is better than just water. After lunch we start our visit. There are a number of big vases – we’ve already seen a lot of them and will see even more – a basilica of Georgios and remains of an old villa. Agios Georgios is always on paintings and icons on a horse fighting against a dragon. What is special here is: the agora, the food chambers, the villa itself and the number of small rooms for servants and others. By 15:00 we leave this site and go to the next one: Festos. That is only 3 kilometers away from here, so we don’t mind. We move on through the heat, it’s unbelievably hot today. We thought we already were used to the heat, but in the sun it is just hot, so we need to drink a lot. Festos is the biggest and the most famous we’re visiting now. Time here goes back 3000 year bC. People have walked on the same stones we’re doing now in that long ago. The big agora is indeed very big and next to that also a lot of small rooms, probably to store food and grain with stones to grind and pots to store it in. the larger chambers are nice to see. It’s a pity they are covered with plastic roofs, which doesn’t look so good. There is also a big part of the site we can’t access, but we don’t mind. We walk around on the site and even discover a few rooms with a fireplace. The heat makes us go to the museum shop, where we get some water. We drink it almost immediately and around 16:00 we go back to the hotel and half an hour later we’re there. We’ve seen enough archeological sites today. Quickly buy some more water; we had to drink a lot today and then we go for a rest. That’s what we planned. Instead of lying on our bed, we go for a walk. We follow a road down to the beach right opposite our hotel. The Greek workers here have used asphalt for the road and made small carvings in it to make sure it looks like a stone road. Typically Greek! Along the beach there is a path and we just follow it. We need to turn back because it goes on until the rocks get in our way. So we walk the same way back to the centre and cross a river on an old iron bridge. Back at the village we see a restaurant a bit higher with a magnificent view on the harbor and the complete coastline. So we decide to drink and to eat something here. Ouzo as an aperitif, then mixed grill. It was not the really traditional one (chicken filet, hamburger, bacon, 2 pieces of meat), cabbage salad with a bottle of red wine (San Antonio). We can’t keep it sober with a whole bottle of wine and then Timo orders another Metaxa with coffee. It tastes very good, but it makes you drunk like hell. We ask for the bill (only 40 Euro) and go back to the hotel. There we have the last bottle of retsina and a cigar and go to bed early. We drove over 140 kilometer and will drive a part tomorrow too to Mochlos on the northeastern part of Crete. Now we’re too drunk to pack; we’ll do that tomorrow just before we leave.

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Agia Galini
photo by: aloneinthecrowd