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Already at 08:00 we’re at the breakfast table with Jorgos, he’s the owner of the place. He runs the place of his mother together with his wife (she cooks) and his sister in law (we think that, because she looks a lot like his wife; she cooks and cleans). It’s the same breakfast as ever: roasted bread, marmalade and chocolate paste. With that a nice cup of coffee, a beautiful view. We only need to pack 2 towels and pay our bill at the reception. We pay 107 Euro for the food (a really very small amount) and 85 Euro for the room. With a tip included we pay 200 Euro. For that little amount we’ve had a great time here in Mochlos. Jorgos says goodbye and we take the car to Heraklion and then to Knossos. The road is good and we can drive quickly all the way and after one and a half hour we arrive at the excavations of Knossos. The Greeks try to guide us to a parking lot; no problem we leave the car on a spot in the shade and it’s even free. We queue to get a ticket for the Palace of Knossos. This is one of the most important things we needed to see in Crete. We don’t know, whether we’ll make it to the Archeological Museum, so we only get a ticket for Knossos. So we enter history. Knossos is really great, awesome. Here you can easily imagine how it looked like in the past thanks to the reconstruction of Evans. This is for once something else, than only seeing the rocks or stones, which sometimes means something but sometimes it doesn’t mean anything at all. The important things we can see here are the fresco of the athletes, who’re doing bull-leaping. This is known all over the world. Also there are some larger frescos and barns with grains. Big vases are also exhibited here. This is a clear feature for the Minoan culture. The pillars are erected on a lot of places with the original colors: red-brown and black. It must have been very beautiful. To visit the thrown hall we need to queue in the heat, but it’s not too hot, there is a bit of wind. Here we see the wall paintings and the stone throne. In total we walk around here a bit more than an hour and seen everything. The rooms of the king and queen are not open for the public, but you can see some parts of the reconstructions they’re doing now. Then we notice we still have some time to go to the archeological museum. We quickly have a sandwich and drink a lot of water and leave for Heraklion city. The main road we’re taking immediately takes us to the museum: it costs 3 Euro for parking, but if we don’t pay it’ll become very hard to find a free spot. So now up to the museum. We buy a ticket and in total we pay 4 Euro too much, because we have not taken a ticket for both Knossos and the museum. The museum has 16 rooms and it all stars with the oldest one. There we can see vases from Mochlos, where we left this morning. The most famous and beautiful finds from Crete are gathered here: the head of the Minotaur, the tablets of the Linear A writing of Festos and a whole lot of vases. Important are also the ornaments and weapons from old ages. The most are the vases, big and small ones, in all shapes and forms. Remains of old burial-places, with bones and gifts for the after-life included. On the top floor the original frescos from especially Knossos are hanging against the walls. ‘The Parisienne’, the ‘Bull-leaping, the famous fresco of the two dolphins. One is better conserved than the other, some are even more reconstruction than an original one. We take 1.5 hour and we’re exhausted, because it is quite a distance and the pace is very slow. On the ground floor there are two more rooms with remains from the Hellenistic and Roman Period. That is not really a collection, more like a storeroom for all types of different statues. We remind ourselves we still need to have lunch, before we drive to the airport. We will certainly not arrive in Athens prior to 21:00 and on the plain there will be little to eat. We see an indication of a Mac Donald’s restaurant and commit a sin to have fast food in Greece for this once. Then we take the car to Heraklion airport to take the flight of Olympic Airlines. We need to be present at 16:00 and the plain leaves at 18:00. We arrive at the airport and immediately see the plain has a delay of 45 minutes. We have left the car at the rent-a-car parking and we have left the keys at the ‘arrivals’. No problem, everything is OK. We put our luggage a moment outside and we have a Mythos in the shade. Time goes pretty fast now, so that’s good. At 17:15 we can already start with the check-in and then we don’t have to take our entire luggage. Timo needs to go aside for a moment with the bag pack, because they have seen strange things on the scanner. The deodorant, some plastic bags and the small sack with medication. Then we go on to the departure hall and wait there until we can board. We prepare ourselves for Athens by reading some info about things we need to see. Everything goes perfectly on time and at 18:45 we leave Crete. The flight almost takes 45 minutes and we arrive safely at Elefterios Airport. The luggage is there also on time and we walk to the subway station. It’s a walk of 10 minutes and we just arrive there, when the train leaves. We have no other option, than to wait for an hour until the next one leaves to the centre. We can wait in the train itself, so that’s OK. We have a place to sit, that’s sure. Now again; everything is happening on time, exactly on the second. To the first stop it takes about 20 minutes and than there is a stop every two minutes. It will certainly already be dark when we exit the subway. Even at 21:30 there are a lot of people still traveling. When we reach the last stop ‘Monastiraki’ there are already 20 people standing up. We get off and search for our way to the hotel. We come above ground and the first thing we see is ‘Acropolis by night’. This is marvelous, unbelievable. We take a short detour and arrive 10 minutes later at the hotel, really luxurious. The receipt is very friendly and we go directly to our room. We quickly unpack the most important stuff and then we can have a quick snack. We walk to the Monastiraki square and find ourselves a tavern, where we also can have pita take away. We have one each and eat it on the stone walls on the square. Then we return to the hotel, because we’re already a bit tired. First we have a drink (retsina) and then we can go to sleep. With a direct view at the Acropolis we sit and drink at the bar of the hotel. On the fourth floor there is a terrace and here we enjoy the liter of retsina and the Acropolis that is lit at night. You can’t keep your eyes of it; it’s that beautiful, especially because there is a full moon currently. We talk some time and realize we’re having a good time here and that we will have an even better time. By midnight we’re exhausted and we fall asleep like two rocks from Knossos.

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photo by: aloneinthecrowd