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According to our plans that we made yesterday we should be going to Elafonissi today. We took a timetable from the buses yesterday and there was a bus at 08:30. So we get up early and have breakfast. The breakfast is nothing special as usual in Greece. Then we rush to the bus stop and buy a ticket to Elafonissi and back. It is a ride of about 2 hours from Chania to Kastelli to the south part of the island. We rest a bit on the bus and we’re stunned by the variety of landscapes we drive through. This part of the island is green and fertile. There are chestnut trees, fruit trees and nut trees. We drive through the mountain side, along the coast line over hills and through valleys. This side of the island is really magnificent. And indeed after two hours the bus arrives: it is beautiful. It seems like we’re on a Caribbean island. An unbelievably beautiful beach with a lot of lagoons. The water has all different colors and on some spots the sand is rose. Sometimes you see it very clearly; on other parts of the beach you don’t see the pink color. We wade through the sea from the first beach to the second that is even bigger than the first one. You can go into the sea for over 100 meters and still be in the water only to your knees. We lie down near the water and think it’s just great here. We put sun cream over whole our body, swim a bit and lie in the sun. Timo suddenly sees a small calamari, really cool. He even can hold it in his hand for a minute, but then immediately release the animal and let it swim freely. We rest, swim, bathe in the sun, and swim again and to it all very relaxed today. Off course after a few hours (at around 13:00) we’ve had it and need to do something, instead of just lying around. We follow a track into the dunes and over the rocks and along beaches. After a while we need something to eat and go all the way back, to where the bus is. There is a small kiosk and we have a sandwich with tuna and one with ham and cheese. We drink retsina and a lot of water with it. We sit there eating and it starts to become a bit chilly. There is a lot of wind and we’re sitting in the shade to avoid we get sun burnt. So we move a bit to a quieter and warmer spot. There Timo sleeps a while and Eef rests a bit. After a while we notice we even got sun burnt lying in the shade, great. We’re both as red as a lobster. So we go back to the kiosk and wait for the bus to return to Chania. It seems the watch of Eef was running late and we had to rush to still get the bus on time. Nice to know, her watch is not OK; we still had 20 minutes, when the bus almost left. So we get on the bus to take the same way back. It’s the same as the road we came: get some rest and enjoy the trip. At 18:00 we’re back in Chania. We now know where the Tourent office is, where we need to collect the car on Tuesday. That is something Kurt did not schedule OK. We need to get the bus for about 15 minutes to go there. We’ll see then. We go back to the hotel and start using sun oil like hell. First shower and then oil. We can use it, because we got seriously burnt the last couple of hours. But off course, that’s not really smart is it? Lie in the sun that long on the second day in Greece. After about an hour we’re ready and have now time to go to eat. Again at Monastiri, but there were too many people, so we eat right next door: at Michalis. We drink 1 liter of retsina, 75 centiliter of water and eat mix grill fish. This is: one piece of swordfish, 4 big shrimps, about 10 sardines, 10 rings of calamari, 4 big stuffed mussels and octopus. Two large pieces of octopus. Two whole stuffed squids and all of that on a bed of rice. Really very good and only for 40 Euro. you can’t leave it for that little money. We did not manage to eat it all; we had to give some sardines to the cats. On our way to the hotel we buy another bottle of retsina and water, but we only smoke a cigar and go to sleep, as we’re very tired. Tomorrow we sleep long.

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photo by: kalita_piskot