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We are not getting up too early, have breakfast at a lazy pace and then start looking for a wedding present for my mother and Patrick. We decided yesterday to keep the ouzo for ourselves and that bottle was already empty. We now stroll the Plaka the Adrianou Street and also want to bring something for Maurits and Betty. This time it is a bottle of oil with herbs and Maurits needs to try out ouzo. When he wants to come to Greece, he needs to know and like ouzo, doesn’t he? That is all done pretty quickly and we then return to our hotel to pack the bags. We flew from Crete to Athens and therefore a lot was still in the bags and all was done within half an hour. We don’t wait any longer and take the metro from Thissio to Viktoria and there we take the bus to Rafina. The bus leaves on time (11:15) and after one hour and fifteen minutes we arrive at the port. The first thing we do there is buying two tickets to Marmari. We have about two hours before the boat leaves, so we sit down, have a drink and order Greek salad and fried peppers. In Rafina there are a lot of fish shops and there the octopuses and other animals are lying on ice. It all looks very good. We just got our food and there Winny and frank arrive. They have taken the first flight this morning and arrived now in Rafina from Athens. They tell all different things from Belgium, but soon it is already all to busy for us. We enjoy it all ‘siga siga’ (all at ease, the Greek way). At 14:00 all the others arrive: Pat, An with Rita and another An. We all take seats on the boat to Evia and go to Marmari. And look who is waiting for us there. Patrick, Linda, Christine (a friend of Patrick) and Vassilis (the owner of the place, where we are going to stay). It is very nice, to see my mom and Patrick back after a few weeks. We take the bus from Marmari to Karystos and after arriving at the pension everyone receives their own room. We need to wait for 2 minutes. In Greece this means we’re waiting for a couple of hours. We don’t mind because we’re already used to the Greek way of living. Off course we can’t live another way after two weeks here. We drink some ouzo, because you always need to keep drinking, what you started with. At about seven thirty it is about time to go and have something to eat. Eef and I have had a bit too much ouzo and we stay here to have a rest. Eef sleeps for two hours and Timo starts chatting with Tatjana (Sofia after she was baptized in Greece). She is from Ukrainian origin and speaks Russian. This is a good opportunity for Timo to speak some Russian. Once in a while he goes to check on Eef and he speaks Russian for a couple of hours. Then the others return to the pension, but off course now Timo and Eef are hungry. Vassilis and Tatjana told us we could have a snack somewhere in the centre. So we go on foot to the centre with Patrick, Linda and Frank. We order something and can take it with us to the pension. We have sardines with chorta and Timo has spaghetti with large pieces of veal. We stay in the garden to have a drink and (for us) pretty late we go to sleep.

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