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We do it all very calmly today. We need to stay out of the sun, because we got burnt yesterday. Eef wears light long trousers; Timo goes outside in his shorts and T-shirt. We get up around 08:30, go for breakfast and start the day the same way as yesterday. Then we walk through town. We find a good place to meet each other, when Timo goes to collect the car the day after tomorrow. Timo takes the bus and returns to Chania with the car, where the taxi driver has dropped us off. Now we stroll through Chania. We again come along the market place (now closed) and the minaret and arrive at the old harbor. There we return to the center. There is very, very busy, but we prefer a nice and quiet table. What is quiet? The wind blows very hard and even blows an umbrella away. Really quiet is not the case. There are a lot of clouds today, but we don’t mind, because we needed shade as it seems our skin is not big enough due to the sunburn. We have each one frappe de luxe (10 Euro) and write the postal cards to everyone in Belgium. We could finish already half of them. We stay sitting for a while and then want to visit the archeological museum. We take about 1,5 hours to see the funds. It’s kind of a torture; stand still and then start moving again. That really hurts our legs. The museum is worth the visit, not really big, but very nice. It is located in an old church and we see a lot of statues of bulls and a lot of old pottery, where people kept grain and water. Also a few beautiful mosaics are in the exhibition. After the visit we make our preparations to go to Samaria tomorrow. In a small shop we buy cola, 2 bottles of water, bread, cheese and some napkins. For tomorrow we need a lot of water and sugar. Timo puts it all aside in the hotel room and Eef tries to get some money. Then we go to eat right next door at Soultanas. It tastes really good: a mixture of Greek specialties, moussakas, beans in tomato sauce, stuffed eggplants, stuffed peppers and meatballs. We have two small bottles of retsina with it and are very surprised, when we get the bill: all together it is 36 Euro; this is too much. We were planning on returning here, because it was that good, but that will not happen for obvious reasons. Then we return to the hotel, it’s time to take some rest. We sleep until 20:00 and then make everything ready for dinner. We’ve just eaten, but are already a bit hungry. Don’t worry we won’t eat too much. Just 1 dish for both of us and that’s it. We go to restaurant Faka. We take moussakas, chicken souvlaki and 2 Mythos. When we ask for the bill we even get raki and a plate with apples and cinnamon. Enjoy it! We return to the hotel, write the last cards and go to sleep at 23:00. Tomorrow at 06:10 the bus will pick us up and we will need to be able to walk the Samaria gorge. Sleep tight!

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photo by: kalita_piskot