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Timo is up early in the morning and prepares breakfast. He tanks the car full with gas and drops the car off at Vassilikos. He then buys on the market warm spinakopitia. This is very good, but a little hard on the stomach that early in the morning. He also bought some bread and fraoulas (strawberries) to have on the boat. We take a shower, get dressed and pack the suitcase and bag pack. We walk through town and sit down at Apollon to have a frappe. Very cheap: 3.40 Euro for two. Nancy of the real estate office calls us to say she has potential buyers for our house. They apparently want to pay 225.000 Euro. We say we have to think about it. We discuss it amongst us both and call back to say it’s OK, as long as they accept our conditions. She will have a meeting with the potential buyers later this afternoon and will let us know then. Cool. At 11:30 we pay for our frappe and go back to the hotel to collect our luggage. We pay the room (50 Euro) and then move on to the harbor. Eef goes to ask where the boat from 13:00 to Naxos will moor; they already explain to her it will be 30 minutes late. Yeah right, we know about that. Timo doesn’t think it’s really funny. We try to still make it a happy moment and sit at a bar close to the harbor. There are only Greek people in this bar, so it’s really local. We order two Mythos and also get some salty nuts with it. Relax and enjoy. At 13:30 the boat arrives and at 13:45 we leave the island of Syros. It’s a good idea, that we took pill against traveling disease, because the sea is very rough. At 14:30 Nancy of AW Vastgoed (real estate) calls with great news. The potential buyers of our house have signed a kind of “promise to buy with some conditions” for 225.000 Euro. Cool, great! Eef buys an ice cream to celebrate (at the same time other people on the boat are not feeling good). Later, when we’re back home, we will see they will not buy the house. We stop in Paros and see our two diving places back: San Spiridon and The Black Rock. Cool, isn’t it, dear. The boat continues and at 17:00 we arrive at Naxos. At first sight: great island. The usual rent-a-rooms are waiting at the harbor. Kalamies is not there; this was the address that Antonia (Boussetil) from Tinos gave us; they’re friends of her. Timo stays on a bench in the harbor and Eef goes into town to find Kalamies with the Trotter. She finds it pretty easily and receives a diklino (two person bedroom) for three nights at 25 Euro per night. Normal price. She sees the room: clean, big enough, TV, airco, fridge, and balcony. That’s all we need. The owner is on old Greek man, very friendly and helping. He even takes his car (well, yeah car) to the harbor to pick up Timo and the luggage. During the drive there, Eef has tried to her best knowledge to talk Greek to the man. It was not easy, but Eef understands a lot already. The man has explained his complete life within the 5 minutes of the drive. In our room we unpack and Timo goes to get water and retsina, because it’s thirsty weather. It’s warm and again a lot of wind. At 19:00 Timo goes jogging and Eef starts to write up the diary on the balcony. Feeling great in the sun. When Timo returns, he takes a shower and we prepare to go out to eat. We eat a lot here. But then again, we’re on holiday aren’t we? We quickly notify Linda to tell her the ‘good’ news about the selling of the house. With them everything is OK, they’re on Evia now. After the jogging we’re ready to go for a walk through the city and along the beach. We start the walk at 19:30 and enjoy a beautiful sunset here in the harbor. The taverns on the boulevard have all fish displayed and it looks very good. We walk into the alleys and arrive at a nice square wit a lot of tables of restaurant O Nikos. We sit down and order one mix grill fish special. It tastes good with water and retsina, but is actually nothing special. We’re quite tired due to the trip today with all the bags and stuff, so we go to bed early. First have some retsina and chips and watch TV and we sleep at 23:00. Tomorrow we’ll explore the island.

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photo by: Stigen