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We sleep pretty long until 09:30. Timo goes jogging for 30 minutes. We have breakfast on our balcony, the rest from yesterday: bread, emmental and some water. At 11:00 we move into action (well yeah, action?) and walk into town. We sit down on a bench watching a Greek try to catch some fish. Greek people only fish with wire, without a fishing rod, but this guy does not seem lucky today. We withdraw money and visit the Kastro; on the Kastro there are a few chapels, a catholic church. We visit the archeological museum with a lot of pottery and a lot of statues. The museum is not big, but pretty and with a lot of stuff from the Cyclades itself. A lot of female statues: they stand up straight with their hands over the belly and the head is too big and only the nose is visible. Maybe we’ll find a picture on the Internet to show what we mean. Then we stroll through the alleys back to the harbor and buy some water and ice tea. We go to the beach of Agios Jorgos, a couple of 100 meters from our rooms. We snorkel a while, see sea snails, urchins, big and little fish. We let the sun dry our skin and return a bit later and drink some retsina on our balcony. Just like yesterday it’s very, very hot there. We almost can’t bear the heat, but we need to have some extra sun, because what will the weather be like, when we return to Belgium. At 15:30 we take a siesta. We sleep and rest till about 19:00 and then we get ready to go and see the sunset on a mountain in the north of the harbor of Chora. There are ruins of an ancient temple also there: Palatia. We walk around there and sit down on the ancient marble to enjoy our last sunset. Beautiful, almost a totally flat sea and beautiful red: a nice way to close our holidays. We go for dinner in the district Agios Jorgos at the restaurant Kavouri: tonosalata, soutzoukakia, kotopoulo souvlaki, dolmadakia and as always miso kilo retsina and some water. Very good and also nice to close out. We smoke our last cigarettes and go to sleep at 22:30. Kalinichta!

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photo by: Stigen