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We get up and we’re planning on spending the day quietly and not busy at all. We start off with breakfast at the same café as we did yesterday: Yannis Place: 1 toast ham, cheese and tomato, 1 coffee, 1 ice tea and that’s it for today. After breakfast we walk in the village and then go back to the rooms to pack all our things. The fins and snorkeling gear in the suitcase and within an hour we’re ready. It’s already 11:00 by then. We go for a walk along the beach just in front of our room and go to the harbor and the centre and sit down at Taverna Makis. There we drink twice and check it all out very easily. Three frappe and once Alfa Beer. At 13:30 we go to get our luggage from the hall in the apartment and take the ferry of 13:45. We only have to wait until 14:25 to take the bus to Parikia. We’re on the bus with a couple from Puurs, relatives of someone that Eef knows from school. That’s remarkable: we’re on a bus on Paros, the bus Pounda – Aliki – Parikia with 2 people from our neighboring village. We chat a bit with them. In Parikia we sit down to have a pitta, buy tickets for the ferry and they warn us that the ferry will be 15 minutes late: well shit happens, not that long. Eef buys a newspaper – ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ (‘The Last news’) of Tuesday May 23 – to kill our waiting time. At 16:00 we go to the harbor to take the ferry of 16:15. And then Greek destiny strikes. The boat is a little bit later, than previously announced. First the 15 minutes become half an hour ad then it is an hour and finally after 90 minutes the boat Panagia Thinou to Syros arrives. Good we had the newspaper; we have read it already read it half way through. We get on the boat and take pills for traveling disease, because sea is rough and even a large ferry feels it. The transfer takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and after the second part of the paper we arrive in Syros. There is very much wind. The reception committee is present as always, typically for the Cyclades. Every Greek that owns a hotel, pension or rooms for rent, is waiting at the harbor, when a ferry arrives. Actually it’s a funny sight. We walk through as always and look for our way with Trotter. A nice elder Greek man (also renting rooms in Galissas) tries to rent a room, we don’t do it, we want to find Odos Chiou and he helps us to find it. There are a few rent-a-room facilities. Our first choice is not open; the second one is very nearby. An older Greek couple with the daughter or the manager (?) shows us the room 13 for 25 Euro per night. Let’s do it: all is clean with a nice bathroom. We unpack a bit and then go into town. It’s 21:00 in the meantime and we want something to drink and to eat. We walk along the sea and then walk directly in the centre hoping to find something nice. In a small alley there are a few taverns, all with beautiful bougainvilleas.  We sit down at Apollon: tirokafteri, keftedes, fried peppers, and choriatiki. We ask for extra oil and vinegar and we like it a lot (again) with retsina and water. At 23:00 we go back to the hotel and go to bed. Burn a candle (already 9). Goodnight.

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photo by: sylviandavid